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User Review

I thought that Elixir was selling snake oil...I was mistaken - Reviews Elixir Strings Nanoweb Coating Bass Nickel Plated

Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
For which specific applications or uses have you chosen this product?

I use these strings to produce musical tones with my bass guitar...Duh!

In what context do you currently use this product?

I'm mainly using these strings for recording

Have you tested other comparable or competing products before purchasing this one?

I've been playing bass for almost 40 years so yes I've tested numerous sets of strings


These strings have a very smooth/slippery feel. They feel similar to strings that have been sprayed with Finger Ease string lubricant. The difference is that the Nanoweb coating doesn't wear off like the spray does.
I was surprised by the bright clear tones that these strings produced. I really expected them to sound dull and lifeless.
I live in an area that has extreme weather conditions. The Nanoweb coating keeps the high humidity levels from turning these strings into rust. Other non coated strings that I've used became so corroded after just a few days that, I felt like I needed a tetanus shot after playing.


So far the only downside seems to be the cost. The initial price appears to be high but if they really do last 3-5 times longer than other strings as Elixir claims then the price is justified.


I really like the tone and feel of these Elixir strings. The fact that they resist moisture/humidity is a big bonus for me. How long this set will last still remains to be seen. Even if these strings last only twice as long as other strings they will be worth every dime.

Jerry Ronco [aka ocnor]