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User Review

Pleasantly Surprised by new strings - Reviews Elixir Strings Nanoweb Coating Bass Stainless Steel

Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
Elixer Nanoweb Stainless steel part no 14782
light/medium .045-.135

Box promises longer life, although having never used them that is yet to be seen. I generally find my strings and bass hit their stride after about a month, then coast for another month, before I start noticing a difference. Right out of the box I actually quite enjoyed the sounds of these. Bright like new strings always are, but actually with a pretty solid punch to the body. They feel nice under the fingers. This is generally my preferred string gauge, because it feels like there is actually some resistance to them, rather than thicker gauge which I feel flop around a bit.

Played on a MTD kingston 5 string. All stock parts. Amp used was a Mark Bass little mark 2, and cab was a Tc Electronics RC212 which is a 2x12. That setup is my standard bar gig type setup. Recording in my basement with a simple samsung meteor mic.

after a quick changeover, followed by 20 mins of looking for a patch cord, and another hour of procrastinating, I got to practice. Here is the audio clip of my first impressions and messing around with them.

Audio Link. Vocaroo - 3:05

If they promise the longevity that the box says they do, Then I think I will like them quite a bit. I would absolutely buy these again, and am definitely going to be using this exact setup for the gig I have this weekend.

To Answer the specific questions listed:

For which specific applications or uses have you chosen this product?
I have chosen these to be an all around everyday bass string. I am more likely to switch the specific bass I use than the strings when recording. I am intrigued by the coating and longevity promoted.

In what context do you currently use this product?
First time using them was this review, although as mentioned I do have a gig in a couple days I will be using this exact setup on.

Have you tested other comparable or competing products before purchasing this one?
Without naming other names, yes. I have been playing bass for 14 years, and studied jazz bass in college. I have gone through a lot of strings, and various manufacturers as my tastes changed over the years.

What are the pros and cons of this product?
Pros: Sounded great out of the box. BRight and responsive, but with enough mid and lows to bring the body up. Still sounded like my bass. I did not change any eq, and was able to get a sound I liked almost immediately. The string gauges felt comfortable moving from string to string. They felt well constructed.

Cons: Havn't quite found any yet. My bass has a zero fret, and the low B string seems to thin out in the wrapping at exactly that point, which is more interesting than a con really. A bit tricky to load up a first, but that's more just my bass than anything.