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User Review

A strong volume pedal for precise volume control - Reviews Boss FV-500L Foot Volume

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
This is one of the most reliable volume pedals that I know. I use it with my current clonewheel (Tokai TX-5 Classic, made in Brazil) and, you know, it's an essential item for that kind of instrument (well, the classic B3 has volume pedal, no?). The volume control is very precise and smooth - you can even determine how much volume will be controlled. There's a knob on it's left side with a 0 to 10 setting - I keep it on 0 so I can go from mute to full sound.
One of the coolest things about this pedal is that it doesn't require any kind of power source to work - at least if you're using it with keyboards. Just plug the cables, et voilà. Simple as 1+1=2. Did I told about "2"? Yep. It's a stereo pedal, btw.
The only minor thing is that there's a bit of background noise - remember: this is an analog pedal - but if you're using it as a part of your gig keyboard setup on a stage with a huge PA, that's not a problem at all. That little noise may be actually a "charm" while using the pedal with a clonewheel ;-)
So if you want a cool analog volume pedal for your keyboard - and guitar, bass, no matter what kind of instrument - needs, this is the one.