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User Review

Excellent, and neutral. - Reviews Ernie Ball 6166 250K Mono Volume Pedal for use with Passive Electronics

Analog volume pedal, passive, with a small switch to move from passive to active guitar if desired. There is also an outlet for connecting a tuner, which may also allow to turn the pedal pedal / progressive b. Jack in, jack out and roll youth!


Nothing complicated, if we finally summarizes the guys put the volume knob of a guitar, and pressing the pedal plate, a string that makes the knob turn in one direction or the other is rotated . Bought secondhand, so no manual, but really not rocket science. The top is wide, so foot clown is very significant, and the race is long and perfectly manageable.


It works the same with bass, guitar, keyboards, and anything with a jack .. It is very neutral in sound, so perfect for what we want. The volume control is surgical, with a delay for violoning is perfection.


I use it for 3 months, I'm not disappointed! 100 balls for a volume it may seem expensive, but the quality of sound, and the object (weight, comfort) are well worth the. I tried lots of critters volume pedal plastic to brands like Morley, here we are really in the class above.