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User Review

Doctor.Ketzer's review - Ernie Ball 6180 VP Jr 250K

Volume pedal
there's nothing adjustable, you branches, you play basta.
for connectors is input, output and tunner (all wholesale jack)


configuration is it simple? there's nothing to configure, you can not be easier!


effects are realistic? Ben is a volume pedal ... what then yeah, but not hard what ... lol
nan more seriously, the pedal is progressive, which, in distortion (metal) have a nice crunch in just lowering the pedal (you can even have the clean but must descend below)


I use AC for 6 years roughly I think this is my first volume pedal but I do not see the interest to test others in fact, I'm comfortable with that ... I prefer that this is its solid appearance (frankly, sometimes I almost jumped on it ....) So to answer the question is that I would do this choice, I do not know because I'm the cunt with my volume directly on the guitar more often, but the sword of my wife buttons nettements volumes less progressive than mine, so in these cases it is a boring choice.