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User Review

Ogmor's review - Ernie Ball Volume (No reference)

A volume pedal simple, without tuner output or setting minimum volume.
Like other pedals Ernie Ball volume, it uses a pulley system with a cord and a spring in Kevelar.
Very simple mechanism, but imposing building. Me it does not bother me, but compared to taillpar mechanism may in some fiddle. In any case, the construction makes the aluminum indestructible!
Knob 250k, so a priori designed for passive electronics.

On mine, the crachotte knob slightly, nothing rédibitoire a live volume, you can not hear if the pedal is actuated without playing. The sound of the guitar covers. It must be because she is old. At worst, a new knob costs 20 euros.


The only downside of this pedal is that the pulley system with a cord implies that the latter wears out. the rate of wear will depend in my opinion the use that one makes, but once we were able to assess after how long the cord breaks, it should have the same foresight that with the strings of a guitar: it breaks do not wait for change. The kit parts (cords and spring) costs less than 4 euro on thomann, so the money is in my opinion not a problem!


This is exactly what I wanted: a progressive course, with a large enough amplitude. It allows me to make violings with delicacy, and also to balance the volume of my guitar (and therefore the gain if it is placed in front of a façade or pedal) quite easily and quickly, no need to find the precise position milimetre loan. The "minimum volume" function is not needed with this pedal is used fairly instinctive way.
And this is where the advantage of the cord and pulley system: the length of the cord used to make tiny movements of the plate are accurately transcribed on the potentiometer, I do not think that we can be as progressive and delicate race with a rack system.


I have not tried other pedals volume: I just read carracteristiques many pedals. What attracted me to this model is the strength of the pedal malgrés that the cord must be changed from time to time, and the fact that it has a very progressive and full race. I want to do the violing, lower the gain of my distortion, and to rise again very gradually, this pedal is right for what I need.
the fact that the input and output are on the same side (right) may be the only design flaw for the greater world, but the chance that saw the organization of my pedalboard, it suits me!