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User Review

Very good synthesizer - Reviews Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer

Analog synthesizer bass.

Effects non-editable or rackmount.

Input two: one for the instrument, for a Roland EV5 expression pedal, I had but I have not found this option very convincing, I prefer to play directly on my Wha Wha to modulate a bit.

Two Output and knowing that when we use the two was not a stereo effect but the bass that comes in dry and effect coming out separately, thus little option I find useful.

Standard 9V power supply socket.

Not true bypass.


The pedal offers all the controls relevant to this type of effect: the low volume of dry and separate effect, frequency control, Resilience, decay (or miss depending on the mode), and the effects and their variations (single, the octave, self) that I will detail them all.

The hold function which allows the freezer effect, leaving his foot on the pedal to create a slick sound and play in its clean above (or below saw the drone as it gets you out sometimes) is nice but too little practical for extensive use, even a small additional option to the interest a little questionable but nice to have!

The manual is clear and sufficient.

He will spend some time on the beast to find the sound you want and adapt it to the style of play: indeed an effect at the same setting behaves differently depending on what is sent, the pedal in certain settings it difficult to track down what you play and monitor effectively. It will therefore be familiar with the possibilities of the pedal before operating fully.


The effects are effective as long as it took time to look depending on what you will, that we love and the mouth of the riff with which to associate a particular sound. This pedal is a killer for the styles that I use: funk (or you can find plenty of his type auto wah light synthetic), disco, electro (the effects in the octave below make it very well). The pedal retains the depth and double bass knob to blend ensures you never see the bass disappear as a result, your bass is kept intact, the pedal will produce its effect in acute or even more serious than what you which can occupy all the sound spectrum once engaged.

I use it only with my bass, my guitar trials have not been very conclusive.


I use it for a while now, it's the only pedal synthesizer I've ever had, I'd try the digitech bass synth wah, I prefer the SYB-5 but they are different then it is hard compare them objectively.

I like the vast sonic possibilities of the pedal, all options less useless or anecdotal Boss stuck above story to eyeful for not much (as usual Well actually ...).

The value for money goes, but at that price, even for units at Boss could have the true bypass for once, right? Anyway, surely the choice I would do, so many possibilities in a nice little box without a digital pedal it's still cool. But if I had to take this opportunity would be because the price / quality ratio would become really interesting and the Boss, duh, it's solid and reliable so it ages well.