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User Review

Very cool - Reviews Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer

Value For Money : Excellent
This pedal adds to the sound of a bass synth sound. Several waveforms are available, with some variations: sawtooth, square wave, more full of other amazing sounds.

The pedal has a low pass filter. By default, the filter follows the envelope of the low, but it can also be modulated by an expression pedal (producing a sound like a wah-wah). 2 modes, the filter follows a LFO (for wobble sounds like Dubstep, Drum & bass).

There is a low entry, expression pedal input. There is an output jack, plus another outlet for separating its clear bass and synth sound of the pedal if a jack is plugged into the outlet.


You must read the manual a bit, but the pedal is pretty simple to use.
There is 1 knob selecting the synth sound, a knob modulating the speed of movement of filter (speed of decay of the envelope or LFO, depending on the mode).
Two knobs adjust each filter frequency and resonance.


The sound of this pedal is very good, but you should know some tips to maximize:
As such, the sound of the SYB-5 may seem cheap. But just add some effects pedal after distortion, chorus, reverb, for a mega-synth sound.

Otherwise, an expression pedal is needed to give some movement to the sound, and LFOs to modulate.

To make electronic music live is great.


I use it for 2 years and I am satisfied!
Good value for money, and it is quite irreplaceable.