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User Review

hebus's review - Dunlop 105Q Cry Baby Bass Wah

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Bon bah level using ... What is a wah, you plug the power supply, input, output and driving youth!

The presence of a knob for gain is very useful to precisely adjust the volume difference wah / wah no. The adjustment factor Q band (wawahter for a frequency range more or less) is helpful too.


I bought it mainly for my Rhodes MKI, but I use it occasionally on my Jazz Bass to the funky lines ... while on the Rhodes I use it rather for the accompaniment, preferring the clean sound or other effects for solos for the bass is the opposite, I find it is better not to drink in excess on bass lines, and keep it for solos.
To be used sparingly so, so that it retains its original (like all the effects in my opinion ...)


I am very satisfied with this pedal, my first real wah, which I use for just over a year now.
It is heavy, but the price to pay for excellent stability, it does not slip and fits perfectly under foot, even sitting.
I find it more efficient in the midrange, if we push factor band too loud in the treble that quickly snatches the ears (especially in Rhodes ...)
Level prices, good must be said that this is, it's expensive for a single purpose, but tell you it's the Dunlop, and that's made to last!
Especially that for any funk good amateur who meets the wah is indispensable if there is a set of pedals!