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User Review

Excellent! - Reviews Dunlop 105Q Cry Baby Bass Wah

Wah pedal, similar to the Cry Baby for guitar, but in a white box.
A knob to adjust the Q, and a knob to adjust the volume.
Robust, manufactured in the USA by Dunlop.
Outbreak of the wah by simple foot pressure, without having to press a footswitch. Very handy.


Usage is very simple.
Adjusting the Q can switch between wah very fat and heavy with something fairly aggressive and funky ... Versatile enough so ...
The volume adjusts the volume of the wah, not that there have volume difference between when the wah is activated and when it is not.
Be careful to adjust well to not lose volume or gain too much when you use the wah.
Can however serve as a boost, with volume wah switched over.


Indeed perfectly suited to the bass. Do not lose low-frequency path, and this is essential.
I personally used more like a phaser, manual and to inflate my sound fuzz wah than a real, not playing in a group where this kind of sound is required. The sound of my Big Muff combined with the wah is simply énormissime and helps bring out the fuzz ...


Very good pedal, essential to any pedalboard bassist ;-)