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User Review

Anonymous's review - Electro-Harmonix BassBalls (Original & Reissue)

Effect 100% analog, filter + overdrive (very pushed)
Not ditable
1 In, 1 Out, 1 Power .....
1 Sensitivity knob, 1 mini Disto Switch On-Off, 1 On-Off Switch Effect


It is simple and clear, easy to use.


I use a bass or electric bass, always works is impressive .... an old but still NEWS effect.
Besides, I realize that it is in the cover of the electric bass .... this is significant: I think it's over .... it is the most crazy! !dropoff Window !dropoff Window My 2 friends love saxophonists (1 or 2 pieces .... after the surprise is pass ...)


Used purchased 55 euros, I rachterais course, I tried the Ibanez SB7, so nice, but less radical, the BassBalls is anything but discreet use as Super Glue .. . sparingly!
Veritable bypass .... my faith .... He eats when even some of her when I do not use it between two pieces, I prefer to remove the ... . but good!

Voil I think I have given my background ... think for that price, no inquitude, no risk, the same way, there is the possibility to change two parameters, there are trims in the box .... I believe that site name is lower ...
Grooves good! !dropoff Window !dropoff Window !dropoff Window

Revoil me after a few months the BassBalls works perfectly well, she is all evenings .... variety (funky stuff, disco ...) and jazz (jazz when djant ..... even the purists probably turn my back ....), so why Revoil me ????
Ben because I contributed a few changes this purpose:
1: I dplac the switch Disto, I put the foot via a DPDT ... a hole about 8 mm, a little welding and presto! This makes two sounds at the bottom in addition to the activation of the effect with or without distortion.

2: I pos 2 knobs that contrlent dornavant 2 filters .... 100000 sonorits diffrentes ... well we exploit the box!

It's easy carry, care must be all the same disassemble a lot of stuff .... so gaffe!

I intend to keep it the same if I'm not a tent EBS Iq .... see ...