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User Review

migoulos's review - Electro-Harmonix BassBalls (Original & Reissue)

See Opinion of Grein, very complete.
8, because it would have been nice to be able to trigger the distortion with the foot (easily, I mean, because I do it anyway, no, no, not get scared, I am careful in my little selector !...)


Use could not be more simple and intuitive


I mainly use the balls on bass guitars. Eeeeh yes! And well, no offense to bassists jealous ;-), it can sound really, really, but then great!
May sound, because it depends on the guitar, actually. Historically, I discovered in bassball in repeated to prepare a concert of free jazz-noise-groove, and I had a Gibson L4 jazz, and there I was, "boarf, vouaisff it ... pffourstr mggngngnfr ... ... a little, and disto? ah? ah? mwouais is skrtstre mnon ... ... " therefore mixed. But with the guitar the other guitar player, well it did! So what, chsais to play or what?
I still ordered for the price affordable, telling me it will always be on my bass (ouioui, I am jealous as a bassist). And trying on my other Guitres (notably my Start), I love the sounds it produces insane!
By varying the sensitivity knob, you come to find something very fragile, on the verge of cracking, something that vibrates, which wavers between major release of acute or stay holed up in his den with his hair! (Or as a funky sound, eh, it's also for that). you can have a sound very nasal, skinned, especially after an overdrive. I also use coupled with a delay and a rotovibe to ... .. yes ma'am bubbles, bubbles!
With the distortion, we get a kind of wild animal roar of the mountains, something like "wywywiiiaaaooouuurrrrrrrglglgll !!!!.. oourglourglrglrgl !!... glgl" and that, it is still an effect.
And suddenly, yes, I prefer this over a scratch on a bass, because it eats less bass, just (for a low end, it's stupid, though, huh? ... Well, n ' exaggerate anything, it's not a low-cut either! it's huge on bass too)
I do not know if other things have the same effect, but I can make that 10, because everything is readable, nothing too!


I use it for about 2 years, I love its originality, simplicity, the potential wide sound, the sound type "but from where it comes out, this thing ?!?".
An effect quite "inspiring" in the end.
Quality / price ratio: well I know how much it costs them to manufacture, but it's still cheap and strong.
I can totally do without this, but I admit that it rarely comes out of my pedal board.
9 for the taking "mini-jack", and the slight loss of bass distortion, but that's quibbling.