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Test out Elixir's new Nanoweb bass strings! - forum Bass Guitar

As mentioned in our news item, Elixir's doing their best to continually improve their strings by incorporating user feedback. That's why they're giving you the chance to get a free set of their new Nanoweb bass strings. You can view the different gauges available here and find out more about the technology behind the strings here.

To receive a free set, just comment below. We'll then reach out to several of you for the relevant shipping information as well as which specific set you would like to test. All you have to do is provide your honest feedback below after having the tested the new strings!

We'll then pick one lucky winner to receive an entire year's worth of strings.

So if you want a free set of quality bass strings (as well as the chance to win a year's worth), just comment below!

---------------------------------UPDATE 9/11/15-------------------------------------
Thanks for all of the interest, guys. While we wish we could give free strings to everyone, there's only a limited amount available.

I've sent private messages to the selected testers. If you didn't receive a PM, there's still a chance that you'll be selected if one of the original selections don't respond in time.

Looking forward to seeing your reviews (and basses) in action

---------------------------------UPDATE 9/15/15-------------------------------------

It's official, we've got our 10 testers!
  • MortalWombat
  • freakwharf
  • Patrick Barrett
  • Kfbass
  • rman2727
  • ocnor
  • steenamaroo
  • olejason
  • Kaneubbe
  • Hijinx

Then 10 of you will receive instructions along with an update as to when you can expect your new NANOWEB strings. Everyone else, you'll be able to read their reviews (and see some of their pics) within the next couple weeks by clicking here.

Your feedback will be tantamount in selecting who wins the year's supply of NANOWEB strings, so be sure to mark good reviews as helpful and shoddy reviews as not helpful.

Thanks guys. This won't be our last giveaway/contest so be sure to check in every now and then to see what's new.

To the testers: good luck! Looking forward to reading what you think.

I'll test them out
me too
I literally have never changed the strings on my bass. It's about time I did :lol:

I'm not so sure I'll hear an audible difference, but I'm hoping these strings will feel a lot smoother at least
I've been trying out different sets of bass strings for many years and I still have not found a brand/set that I'm truly happy with. I would love to try out a set of Nanoweb bass strings.
I'm currently involved in 3 different projects and would love to try and find one set that works for all of them.
I'd love to try some out
I'm always looking to try out new strings!
I'd love to try a set out! I was thinking I should look into different string brands for a different feel anyway
Hey I'd be interested in doing a test run.

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