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User Review

moosers's review - Ludwig Drums Custom 26"

The recording studio that I work at has a Ludwig Drums Custom 26" Bass Drum, and this is one of the coolest drums I've ever used. I don't know too much backing information on the drum, but I do know that it was custom made probably about 15 - 20 years ago. I couldn't tell you anything about what it's made out of or anything, but it isn't part of a full drum kit. While it is it's own kick drum, you can certainly use it with a full drum set if so desired. I've personally only used the drum on it's own as I hit it with a mallet. Being that this drum is 26", it's really big and has the sound to match. While you're not going to get a super tight sound out of it, I would generally only use it when I'm going for the opposite of that sort of sound. This drum in particular has been used on a number of notable recordings, and seems to be a favorite for anyone who uses it. In fact, I was told that a few people even wanted to buy the drum straight up! They of course were denied which brings me to my use of the drum. It's a really boomy sounding kick drum and is just perfect for getting a super deep and wide sound. I don't know how it would sound on a full kit, but as a supplement to a light kick it sounds really awesome. I was going for a really ambient and wide sort of sound, using the drum as really it's own thing rather than trying to match it up with the drum set I had already recorded. I'm really in love with the way this drum sounds in general...Since it's a custom drum you aren't going to be able to get this exact one, but any 26" Ludwig bass drum should be similar...