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User Review

moosers's review - Rogers Timpani

Rogers' Timpani drums are a set of large kettle drums that I've used in a recording studio setting. The studio that I'm currently working at has a set of two of these timpanis, and although they don't get used very often, recently they got whipped out for a session. They weren't being used in a classical setting as would be the norm with timpani drums, rather it was on a rock/pop session where they just wanted to beef up a section with some timpani drums. Let me say that these things sound awesome! They have an extremely full sound that can easily fill up a room when struck loud. You change the pitch with the pedal, as is the case with all timpani drums I believe. We had them tuned to fifths from each other, but I guess normally you would have four of them tuned to each other rather than the two that we have. I'm somewhat surpirsed that this was the first use of these drums that I've seen in the studio, as you'd think people would want to take advantage of these being that not too many studios will have timpani drums! However, I guess this is a pretty specific sound not heard too often in pop music today. From what I've been told they are actually pretty rare drums and are worth a good amount of money if you can get your hands on them. I haven't used too many other timpani drums for recording sessions in my day, so unfortunately I don't have much to compare these to. However, you know that when everyone on a session gets excited, you've probably got some pretty great sounding drums! I can't say I'd recommend going out to search for these as you'd have to be pretty lucky to find them...