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Behringer Eurodesk

Behringer Eurodesk MX2442

User reviews on Behringer Eurodesk products

Chouby's review (Behringer - Eurodesk MX8000)

By Chouby, 29/03/2008
Nothing to add to what has been said already. Truly impressive connection options for the price. The direct outs are particularly useful. I use it in my home studio to record and mix together with an Akai DtD. I use my PC for midi.


Very, very comprehensive and simple. 8 buses and 6 auxs. And inserts and direct outs on every channel. The routing is very flexible. Personally, I have a lot of fun routing the direct outs to other tracks.


This is where you start understanding the price. Namely:
- It's not very transparent. Although that's a matter of taste.
- The preamps are noisy when you crank up the level.
- The pots aren't precise. It can be exhausting to adjust a send/effect, for example.
- Equalizer? Really? There's an EQ: Without a doubt its weakest point. Fortunately, thanks to the flexible routing, you can get round the problem processing the signal with a real EQ. Personally, I use the mixer's EQ for backup vocals and use specific rack gear for the main vocals.


I bought it secondhand and have been using it for 7/8 years. One channel doesn't work anymore and 2 or 3 faders have issues.
I love the number of channels and the ultra-comprehensive configuration possibilities. The least: The EQ.
I tested a Spirit. But I needed more channels.
Exceptional value for money (in my particular case). I would certainly buy it again.
Although I will soon switch to a PC-based setup (Motu 24 I/O + Cubase 4), I'll keep my console around to write songs, as a "mixer" for my rack gear and when my friends come over to jam. I will use it very little to record or mix.
To sum it up: I'm very satisfied with the services this nice console has provided me.

Zavierxp's review (Behringer - Eurodesk MX8000)

By Zavierxp, 09/09/2006
Well... I'll be the first to write in this section.
I went this weekend to Germany to get it.
350 euros (yes... on eBay)

You can read the features on

Apart from the fact that it doesn't have any effects (which doesn't bother me much, since I play drums).
It has all the features of a big console (which rarely have effects!)... 9/10


Very easy to use (if you have the manual).
It's a real treat to use!
I have nothing much to say in this regard, except that the faders on mine feel way too smooth, I would've preferred them to offer a little more resistance.


Neutral sound. No alterations.
You get what you pay for. No noise (I tested it with a Neumann as overhead mic...Which I could NEVER afford!!!).

6/10 (not considering the price)
10/10 (considering the price!)

So 8/10


Neutral sound, routing possibilities that even some "big" consoles don't have, the faders lack "stiffness" on mine (they feel cheap).
Otherwise, there's not much to add.
Oh, yes,... Would I buy it again? Yes, I would!!! Unbeatable value for money!!!
For an amateur home studio... It's a real delight.

A real pro would want and can certainly pay more!!!

Behringer Eurodesk SL2442FX-PRO (Behringer - Eurodesk SL2442FX-PRO)

By MGR/jcb, 10/09/2006
Have been playing guitar for almost 30 years on and off. I play everything from country to rock to acoustic folk. Have been in bands in the past, but nothing serious. I like to write my own music and am currently putting together a home studio.

Paid $450 online at Musician's Friend. Was looking for a decent unit, not necessarily top of the line, but with the features I needed at a price I could afford. Purchased this about 2 months ago. Am trying to put together a little garage band and wanted an inexpensive unit to tie things together.

Well, after 2 months of use I can say that I got my money's worth. The 24 inputs and 4 buses are really flexible and the feedback detection system is great for not blowing peoples eardrums away with crazy screaming feedback. I also like the mic preamps, they are relatively warm and better than some I've used on other more expensive mixers.

Control knobs may feel a little flimsy at first, but in 2 months I've not had any problems with them. Just my personal opinion.

Construction and quality appear to be good. The fit and finish is good and other than the knobs, the unit feels well built and can take a few bumps.

Overall I'm really pleased with my purchase. I will stop back and update this review after I find out if the unit stands the test of time. So far, though, so good.

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Excellent mixer!! (Behringer - Eurodesk MX8000)

By blancjs, 16/09/2013
24/8/2 in line console
Semi-parametric EQ
8 sub-groups, 6 aux sends


I use it in my personal home studio.
Classic inline console.
Simple manual but not very useful, everything is pretty clear on the console.


Very little noise.
The EQ is simple but it works all right.
6 aux sends, which are more than enough, especially with the 24 inline returns, if needed.


I've been using it since it came out and I do everything analog, to have everything at hand without the need to browse endless software sub-menus to find what you want.
It was my first "big" console and I haven't had the chance to compare it to any others.
Unbeatable value for money given its possibilities.
EVERYTHING works fine after more than 15 years!!
It sounds really good, there's not much to add.

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