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Behringer Europower

Behringer Europower PMH3000

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Behringer Europower 1500 Power Amplifier (Behringer - Europower EP1500)

By MGR/E in Dallas, 08/04/2004
I purchased this as a new unit off of Ebay for $267 + $20 shipping. Needed a second Amplifier and something with enough punch to play some outdoor gigs.

I had two requirements for the amp i was looking at, i needed good enough volume to run my PA at an outdoor gig, and didn't have a ton of money to spend. I have some other Behringer equipment in my rack so i thought i'd give it a try. Did my first gig last night and had the Amp turned up about 95%. It was a very clean and loud sound. My JBL SF25 speakers were rockin and there was no distortion in the sound at all.

I would have preferred the Amp to have a couple types of output jacks. Its only option are Speakon and wires. So I had to purchase some additional cables as well.

Amp looks good, about the weight you would expect for an amp of its size. Solid metal construction and is quiet.

Extremely pleased. I can't believe that the Amp is as good as it is for the price I paid. At this point if I needed more power i would definatly look at the EP2500. I almost regret not paying the little extra and going ahead and getting even more. Great value for the money.

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Behringer PMH3000 Powered Mixer (Behringer - Europower PMH3000)

By MGR/Dave Breton, 13/07/2004
I bought the unit online for $450. It is also advertised as the PMX3000 but the unit comes labelled as the PMH3000.

I needed a low profile and light weight unit that I could use to mix to drive a sub and monitors in addition to stereo mains.

The PMH3000 has many useful feature

1) Insert external effects jack on all 8 mic channels, useful for adding external noise gates/expanders/commpressors

2) Per channel prefade listen (PFL) for individual headphone soundcheck plus dB level check on the main soundlevel LEDs.

3) Two monitor and FX level mixers per channel

4) Built in effects unit is low self noise and lots of reverb and chorus effects

5) After Fade Listen (AFL) on output sliders
for headphone monitoring

6) Mono output slider dedicated sub woofer

7) Main equalizer sliders have buitin LEDs to help pinpoint a feedback frequency

The main speaker outputs are clean all the way up to the +10dB LED on main stereo out which is starting to hit 400w/channel into 4 ohms.

LIGHT WEIGHT!! the unit uses a switched mode power supply in place of the normal bulky supply transformer.

Easy to grab carrying handle

This is not really a dislike but to get to 400Watts (as tested with a 4 ohm load resistor) the main stereo sound level must peg the +10 dB level LED (but not clip). 0dB on main stero out is about 40W/4 ohm and a safe upper level for headroom should be kept under 300 W/channel into 4 ohms which falls off to 150 W/channel into 8 ohms.

An input channel has to be + 10dB on its PFL level check to generate these max speaker levels, needing condensor mics and pro line level sound gear.

Otherwise think of the PMH3000 as having plenty of headroom!

This unit does not have a "band break" swith to mute the mic channels.

The main amps are very quiet when there are no input signals. The cooling fans are quiet. The attractive case is all steel. The Speakon speaker connectors are superior to 1/4" jacks but many people will end buying adapter cables.

The PMH3000 is a versatile and lightweight unit. It doesn't have mind bending speaker drive but still has plenty of clean output and headroom for small to medium gigs.

Behringer customer service confirmed that the unit can be used without connecting loundspeakers. The unit can double up as a low noise mixer with effects and two monitor busses.

I give it a 4 only because the channels have to be driven to get to the rated output power, otherwise you get a lot of value for your money.

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Behringer Europower EP1500 (Behringer - Europower EP1500)

By MGR/St. Catherine, 25/10/2004
Our act needed a new amp to drive the mains which are rated at 250watts RMS with an 8ohm load. After leaving a small paper bag with $300 in unmarked $5.00 bills in the managers office of an undisclosed Guitar Center location we picked it up in the alley just after closing. We also threw in another $60 for the extended warranty.

This is a sleek black 2u rack unit with a simple front face - volume knobs for channel 1 and 2. There are RED clipping leds as well as little yellow lights that tell you you have signal - which comes in handy when trouble shooting unwanted silence. The amount of decent power you get: 280watts@8ohms, 700@2ohms, is fanfrickintastic for 3 little Ben Franklins.

This unit accepts TRS, unbalanced and XLR connections - bare in mind you lose something like 10db with unbalanced cables on this unit.

The Outputs are only Speakon or you can pull off the protective covers and use the binding post -so, if you have invested in good 1/4" cables you can get 1/4" to speakon adapters for about $20/pr. Some ther amps in the same power range come with 1/4" outs as well as Speakon and banana plug.

As for setting it up to be other than what it was shipped as ( stereo 8ohm I believe) - you may need a microfiche to read the dip switch position chart on the back of the amp.

This thing is built really solid - I wouldn't try the Tonka approach of letting an elephant stand on it - but we have hauled it around to shows over the past 6 months without issue. Knobs are still attached and it handles variable environments FL outdoor show humidity to crappy air conditioned dirty bar air without a hitch.

We bought the extendo warranty so, in case there is an issue it will be dealt with without question or extended downtime. This is our first Behringer purchase and although we were hesitant due to it being a relatively new player vs Crown or QSC, hence the warranty purchase, this amp is in the same ball park for sound but in the cheap seats with its pricetag.

We have used Carvin, QSC and Crown amps in the past - all excellent - no problems.The Behringer with the speakon adapters and extended warranty was still less than Crown, Carvin or QSC amps in the same power range.

Before buying any amp - download and RTFM, make sure it suits your needs. Behringer is a good sized German company putting out a ton of audio products slated for the US and they give working musicians a new name to consider for sound reinforcement.

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preamps rock, and lots of effects (Behringer - Europower PMP4000)

By JimboSpins, 31/12/2012
The PMP 4000 is a 16 channel powered mixer that is made for a table top. It cannot be racked and needs to be on a flat secure surface. For some situations this mixer was our best option depending on where we had to be. But in some situations it was not the best option, so we used it only for certain shows or events. All of the knobs and sliders are very well made though and you can easily tell that it was made with the best materials because nothing feels cheap or plastic like. The whole thing is not heavy but it seems to be made out of solid metal making it very sturdy.
There is a 3 Band EQ on each channel, but there is no compression. That is a deal breaker for some of the shows and events that I am at. There are some effects, they are pretty standard though and nothing that will really shock you. The EUROPOWER series of mixers has been great since the day they came out but for some reason it is like they do not put the essentials in the mixers for this line; like compression! The 3 Band EQ is decent and gives you a lot of control over the audio. There is also an LED Meter and phantom power. This whole mixer is pretty light, it weighs around 20 pounds which is very light.
The preamps that are built into the PMP 4000 and the whole EUROPOWER line of mixer is very good. You will have no need to use any other mic preamps because of how good these are. You can use any type of microphone with them and it will sound clean and sharp.
The effects that are built in are ok; there are a lot of them though. They are all 24 bit FX and you can use them on any of the 16 channels. But there are no effects that really stand out to me. Not saying they are bad, just nothing that makes say “wow”. But some people feel that the effects on the PMP 4000 are some of the best around.

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