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anyone try behringer's minimon mon800 and miniamp amp800?

I know Behringer's general reputation is "cheap and unreliable". But I'm a student and the cheap part means a lot as I build a small home studio.

As such, I'd like to know if any of you have experience with the MINIMON MON800 and MINIAMP AMP800?

They are both relatively new and quite affordable, so if anyone has advice then I might purchase them so long as there isn't a general consensus that they aren't the most atrocious monitor control system/headphone amp combo of all time :lol:
I have a Minimon 800 and have been impressed, all things considered. I don't much like the pres and EFX, but for the price you pay, you get more than enough quality.

I've never tried the headphone amp
I would save money for Mackie's Big Knob instead...from my past experiences I've learned that even when starting out on a budget, it's almost always best to save up for even 1 step above behringer
Behringer will be no longer be only low buget and crap like some people say.... Their asses belong to Midas now :)

Btw: 300 is not cheap especially for something like a big knob
Minimon 800 user here. Got it to get by until I could afford a used SPL MTC.

I knew Behringer's reputation, but I was still surprised as to how badly the minimon sounded in various different configs. It's a noisy little bugger which often introduces a horrible, grainy buzz and other unwanted artifacts. I sincerely feel that using my monitors through minimon collapses the stereo field.

Having said that, there are certain configurations where the minimon doesn't sound half bad and could probably be used for non-critical purposes.

I got mine for 35EUR, so I wouldn't expect a real, high quality piece of gear. I think if you're on a budget, you should get the mon800 and find the 'sweet spot' configs, until you can save up for the SPL MTC or Mackie Big Knob and avoid some much-too-frequent, needless hassle
Quote from angelie:
Behringer will be no longer be only low buget and crap like some people say.... Their asses belong to Midas now :)

It's the other way round: Midas belongs to Behringer.

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