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Fishman Bowed Intruments

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User reviews on Bowed Intruments Fishman products

otison's review (V-100 Violin / Viola Pickup)

By otison, 19/11/2004
I bought a few years ago for my violin, it's not terrible, unless you thoroughly equalizer signal. is not a true micro piezo is the sound of an o rather nasal.

you should rather look at the micro AudioTechnica ATM35 is a true condenser microphone, and therefore consquent, placing it well, will give a much better sound than piezo. now is the one I use for the violin, it is convenient (very small micro system mounted on a gooseneck + clip to attach the mentoniere)

good good (Full Circle Upright Bass Pickup)

By gtrphil, 18/11/2013
used for a few months and around thirty concerts, with or without sound
mounted by a luthier (€ 330 including mounting and edit bridge) is mounted on the bracket serious side, we rarely acute side, it seems to work too.

it works, we hear his bass. it's not flattering on any frequency, particularly in the low, but very balanced.
to use on a big bass without lack of balance.
opinion temper because the systems are highly dependent on the instrument used ...

I had a stat B before, during 6 or 7 years, and a pawn in david interval for 3 or 4 weeks.

spend on david guarantee that I found very beautiful one, but completely lost in a goup, not defined at all volume that requires a battery, too deaf to the GK MB150

the stat B works great, beautiful sound in all situations, but past a certain volume means more its bass ... means a stat B
curious since it is a micro ... but it is very good on a medium low to compensate for his lack of stamp or character, or to play directories where the bass has a function as visual and sound ...
the full circle has less output level (liabilities) is less than the stat B (even if at the time the mine had cost me € 300 for 450 now!)

So passing full circle, I plug into the amp and I say shit does not work ...
in fact it works so well that as the level of the amp is not higher than the bass sound (at noon on the GK MB), one does not hear clearly, is super accurate ( I play on a low end French XIX stamped and very homogeneous)
while 9 o'clock on the amp could be heard roundness and compression stats B

Finally, the full circle has satisfied me, no battery change, no box etc ...
In a DI is the soundman happy studio coupled with a micro recovering attack on a 150 MB gallien it works great club on a svt or bassman in outside also, it works in all situations!

it's so big that its Schertler but it allows a greater relief and high volume (voiced so) we always hear bass SA

Finally a bass the first factor is that the bassist ...
the system is not there to compensate for the shortcomings of Jouage, but to restore all the sonic palette. Basically it's a good system to play better because we hear more we play poorly
From this point of view the full circle is one of the best current systems, but not the "easy" to use

9 out of 10 because its neutrality is in my opinion a quality

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