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Yamaha Bowed Intruments

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User reviews on Bowed Intruments Yamaha products

Audiofanzine FR's review (EV 204)

By Audiofanzine FR, 06/12/2008
(Originally written by pagamini/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
I've been using it for six months.

Headphone output plus preamp/amp output.

Four pickups (one per string) with independent volume controls!

Pros: excellent manufacturing quality, it has no sound box so it has a very good rejection to feedback (excellent to play live on stage), independent controls for each string (very useful).

Con: sounds a bit cold and metallic. But this disadvantage can be corrected with a good preamp.

The instrument's body doesn't generate vibrations and it's very uncomfortable.

The fingerboard, bridge height and space between the strings are standard. You won't have any difficulty if you come from playing acoustic violins.

Don't use it for classical music because it's not the best at that, like all electric violins... But it's interesting for all other music styles!!

Notice that the electric violin is not the same thing as the silent violin, which produces an audible noise contrary to its name! This is an instrument you can use on stage without limitations. So pay a bit more and buy an instrument you won't change for a while.

Not a great instrument (V5SA)

By mooseherman, 11/01/2011
I recently started taking up violin and I needed a cheap one to start with. I thought this would be a good place to start as it was only around three hundred dollars. It is made of a fine wood and certainly looks much better than it's $300 price tage would suggest. However I found that it wasn't really all that it was cracked up to be.
I couldn't find one that didn't have a bridge that was too far from the neck. This made it difficult to play and made intonation sort of an issue as well. Granted, I'm a beginner, but I couldn't help notice that the violin was out of tune, and when I showed it to a friend who plays he said that it was because of the neck which made sense. I also noticed that it gets marked up really easily, especially on the fretboard. I don't know why that is but it certainly was frustrating considering that I don't finger as hard as I do on the guitar and I was still marking it up a whole lot.
I also decided that the strings weren't quite brilliant sounding enough, and I discovered that it was mainly because they used cheap strings. I don't know why they come with such bad strings but it was a real shame as that cut the quality of the violin drastically. After I tried changing the strings to some better ones, it helped, but not by much. The instrument simply didn't resonate fully enough for me, as it had a really weak sound in general.
Overall, I wasn't expecting much, but after playing the aforementioned friend's violin for a little bit and hearing the difference, I decided that I wasn't really into this violin very much. I think that Yamaha makes some great things but this sadly isn't one of them. You should just save up a little more and get a nicer one, it'll make you want to stick with the instrument more than this did for me.

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Yamaha SV-250 & SV-255

Published on 06/05/10
Yamaha Corporation of America announced that the SV-250 4-string and SV-255 5-string Acoustic-body Silent violins debuted at Winter NAMM 2010 are now shipping.