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User reviews on Bass Bridge products

Audiofanzine FR's review (Gotoh - cordier bass 404B04C)

By Audiofanzine FR, 08/10/2008
(Originally written by philuna/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

After I hesitated between Dabass and Gotoh, I finally went for this one for my '98 Fender Mexico (MIM). There is no comparison with the original one, made of of folded metal sheets, whose action screws (for strings height) unscrewed after playing a couple of hours.
The Gotoh 404B04c is made of massive metal. A bit like a Dabass, but for this price the saddles are factory-made. The product is well-finished and it is provided with 5 screws. You can even add 2 screws on the front. I did. The sound is not the same anymore. More sustain, more overtones, the sound is clearer as if I had new strings. Furthermore it looks better than a Dabass and it is less expensive. A key for the action screws is provided. A good purchase!

I recommend (Gotoh - 201B4)

By garrycooper, 18/08/2013
I use it for about 4 months. This is much better than the end of the folded sheet that was originally mounted on my Fender Jazz Bass. We gain in sustain and also by the guide when setting the jumpers. It wears impeccably level screws. on the other hand I recommend fitting by a luthier because the thickness of the bridge is more important, we must put a hold at the connection handle / body to keep the same range of height adjustment cords. I do not regret this purchase.

C21h22n2o2's review (Wilkinson - TW 4)

By C21h22n2o2, 21/07/2008
Versatile easel WILKINSON MADE IN USA.
Adjustments in 3 dimensions (height, string spacing, etc ...) aluminum base, steel bridges. Tightening the different parts by 6pans screws (the small black screw allen key ...) to remove all harmful vibrations and prevent the settings from moving.
Possibility of caller rope through a block (such Khaler Tremolo) with something that passes through the hole in the ball of string or like easels Spector through a U-space ... (there is a place in more on the basis of the trigger guard to gain length 1cm).
Sits on a low table PLATE with 5 screws through the plate.
Sonority very neutral. No BADASS come coloration.
Good sustain, easy to maintain and adjust.
Strings can be removed without altering anything, not like Fender or rope passes through a hole ...
I put 9 because nothing is free ... too default settings and is hell ... not enough and it is limited ...