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User reviews on Burning Software products

Easy CD utility for your mixes (Apple - WaveBurner)

By Hatsubai, 22/06/2011
Waveburner is a utility that comes with Logic Studio. Its main purpose is to easily create professional CDs complete with all the necessary meta data and ISRC codes. Once you open it up, the first thing you always want to make sure you do is set up the preferences and select your audio interface. It's real easy to do, and anybody who has used an Apple computer should be able to do it no problem at all. I didn't experience any compatibility issues when I used this software, and the built-in manual explains a lot. However, it would be worth checking out some YouTube tutorials to really help you get started, especially if you're a visual learner. Aside from that, the program should be very easy to use, and anybody should be able to dive right in without much of an issue. The program isn't exactly the deepest program, but it does its job amazingly well.


As with all Apple products, they're rock solid. I haven't experienced a single crash with Waveburner, and that's part of the magic of OS X. You're dealing with one of the best and most stable OSes out there. Everything is optimized for your hardware (assuming you're not using some sort of Hackintosh), and everything meshes like it should. The program doesn't use up too much memory, but it is a pro app, so it'll use more memory than certain other apps out there. I've been using this for as long as I've been using Logic, so it would be years and years, I guess.


If you bought Logic Pro, you'll already have this application. It's a wonderful timesaver for those who want to create professional CDs that can be distributed throughout the world, and anybody serious about making and distributing music should be using this program (if they're on a Mac, of course).

moosers's review (Apple - WaveBurner)

By moosers, 18/12/2010
Apple WaveBurner is a utility program that comes with Apple Logic music software. I don't believe you can buy it on it's own. It's designed for sequencing tracks in order and preparing CDs for burning, and of course for actually burning them to disc. It's definitely a mastering tool and is great to have at home to get your recordings ready for mastering or for your own home mastering purposes. The program will install during the process of installing Logic - I'm not sure if there's an option for choosing to install or not install it, but everyone who has Logic may as well in my opinion. There's a good amount possible with WaveBurner, but I've only just used it for sequencing tracks and preparing the tracks to be burnt to a master disc. It's got a pretty user friendly interface as I didn't find that it was ever hard to use. I've never had a look at the manual...


My system at home is running Apple WaveBurner as I've got Logic running on the system as well of course. I've got a Mac Book Pro lap top that has a 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB of RAM. It's definitely been enough to run this program sufficiently and I don't think I'll be having any problems in the future.


Apple's WaveBurner software that comes as a utility for Logic is definitely a nice little program to have. Other than this I don't really have too many other programs like this on my system at home, so I'm happy to have it. It's easy to use and can do a whole lot for you in preparing your discs for mastering on all levels. While you can't really get this if you don't have Logic, if you do, this is definitely a program you need to get familiar with as it will definitely be useful for you in finalizing your discs for mastering purposes...

moosers's review (Roxio - Toast Titanium 6)

By moosers, 17/12/2010
Roxio's Toast Titanium 6 is software designed for CD and DVD burning. This is an older version of the software, but we still have this version at the studio where I'm working and don't think we have a need to upgrade any time soon. I've used newer versions of the software, but only up to 8 and I believe there's now a Toast Titanium 10. I wasn't the one to install this as I'm sure they've had this particular version for a few years now. It's really not a hard piece of software to use as I found everything to be more or less self explanatory, although it's worth noting that I've used other versions of this software in the past. Either way, I don't think there's much of a learning curve when it comes to this software in general. I haven't had a need to look at the manual for this software nor do I think doing so will be necessary.


We've got Roxio Toast Titanium 6 running on almost all of our systems at the studio where I work, but the main room is primarily where I've used it. I don't think anyone should be encountering performance issues, although you may be limited on how quickly you can burn DVD's and CD's depending on your system and burner. We've got a Mac Pro desktop with dual 2.66 Ghz Intel Xeon processors and 10 GB of RAM, which is more than enough to support burning at the highest level.


While there's a much newer version of Toast in Toast Titanium 10, I find that Roxio Toast Titanium 6 does the job just as well as any version I've used. I haven't used the newest one and I'm sure there are some added features, but for basic CD and DVD burning, Toast 6 is in depth enough for everything that I need to do, and judging from the fact we haven't upgraded here at the studio, it seems to be enough for everyone here. I don't know if you could get a used version of Toast 6, but it might be looking into getting an older version like this one if you're just wanting to do simple burning and want to save a few bucks...

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[Musikmesse] Minnetonka discWelder BRONZE

Published on 03/25/10
Minnetonka Audio Software announced the shipment of a new version of their discWelder BRONZE 1000m software product.