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User reviews on Cable by the Meter products

Great cable for the DIY people (Mogami - 2524)

By wwhhhaatt, 19/04/2011
I purchased 50 ft. of this cable when I got tired of my George L's cutting out on my board. I shopped around for prices and could not believe what it would cost to have custom cables made for my board so I decided to take a crack at it myself. I have a loaded Pedal train pro along with a few smaller boards I use so I need a lot of cables and I need them to last. The Pedal train boards allow you to route cables underneath the board so you get a nice clean look with no cables to step on but, as I learned with the George L's , you need a sturdy cable with a solid soldered end.

This cables looks and feels like a good quality product. It is not too stiff and also does not feel like rubber in your hands. Some other cables seem to have too much bend memory where they tend to just coil themselves into a knot on stage.
Assembly was easy with a good soldering iron and quality plugs.I chose g&h plugs. I custom cut and wired my whole board in a few hours and did not have one bad cable. The sound was fuller to me compared to the George L's and seemed more present than the Canare cable I tried. These are not huge differences but sometimes the little things can make a big difference when getting into a performance. I can now lift my board out of the case and plop it on stage without any worries of loosening a non-soldered plug and re-arranging pedals also no longer results in re-doing my cables. At a buck a foot plus plug ends I see no reason for anyone to buy store made cables. You will be much happier with custom lengths and it's a great way to learn how to solder

High quality mic cable assemblies (Gotham - GAC-3 mic cable assembly)

By briank, 09/07/2011
The Gotham GAC-3 cable assemblies are high quality low-noise cables available in various lengths and jack colors.

Mine employ Switchcraft XLR connectors that hold up well over time: the black metal housings are very strong, and the gold contacts do not oxidize over time like nickel contacts tend to do. The jackets are available in multiple colors for coding; this is great for keeping track of the typical spaghetti mess of cables on a stage or studio floor, and the cables coil well and feel nice.

The cable stock features very high quality copper conductors and braid which, along with the good connectors, equate to fast, clean, quiet sound. The quality of soldering and assembly strain relief are all excellent and better than some others I have peeked into. My assemblies all came in a thick-mil plastic zipper bag, along with a red plastic cable tie that is reusable for years.

The prices are premium compared to more pedestrian cable assemblies, but quite fair compared to other premium assemblies. You do get above average parts and build for the price, in addition to some thoughtful packaging. In more critical situations such as studio recording, I feel that they are well worth the premium given the return in quality and confidence, and in fact represent good value for the money.

I have used many other brands and types of cable assemblies at various pricepoints; my Gothams mainly see use in a commercial recording studio and hang on a wall along with BLUE Kiwis, EWI Starline and Starquad, and others including custom Belden/Neutrik assemblies. The Gothams rank right up at the top as far as I'm concerned. They are my go-to cables and I much prefer them in all parameters to the BLUE Kiwis, whose jackets and quad cable stock are much stiffer and have clumsier, less reliable XLR ends.

I have found Gotham's US distributor pleasant to deal with and genuinely concerned about quality of materials and signal transfer. I have and will continue to purchase the Gotham GAC-3 assemblies, as well as their other products.

Price paid was for 25' assemblies with black/gold XLR ends.

Cabo ótimo para modelar o som "quebra as arestas" (Sommer Cable - ORBIT 225)

By Álvaro Alexandre, 12/08/2018
Conectar: conectar amplificador-colunas
Sim usei "Supra"!
Prós:amacia o som sem que perca o brilho das frequências :-D
Construção: 2 condutores gémios
Características mecanicas:- AWG 13 Ecção: 2.5mm2 com ótima maleabilidade
Bom isolamento em PVC macio
Fios de cobre : 651 por condutor de diâmetro 0.07mm
Características eléctricas:
Isolamento resistir. por 1 km [GΩ] 0,01
Resistência Hómica do condutor por 1 km [Ω] 7,8//0.0078/m


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Wireworks introduced SPEN and SPE5 Loudspeaker Cords designed specifically for use with Meyer Sound's MM-4 and MM-4XP speakers.