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User Review

Fine - Reviews Sommer Cable SC-Source MKII Highflex

Continuing my cable testing, I just got an instrument cable from the SC-Source MKII Sommer and two jacks Neutrik NP2 XB.
This product is the most often given for microphone use. But a source is a source, there is no reason to limit it to only use. I had already tried it out with the 275 BK CORDIAL CSF, also theoretically for the development of a connector for micro, which gave very good results. With this experience, I have offended with this cable.
Well, it turns Source MKII really excellent! So much so that I prefer to Spirit from the same manufacturer. It provides a sound character that I enjoy for its sweetness in the treble and the soft side in the media I want. Whether it's clear or overdrive, but this sweet character set is a treat.
Offered less than 2 € per meter, I suggest you try it: you just might be pleasantly surprised.