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Cabo ótimo para modelar o som "quebra as arestas" (Sommer Cable - ORBIT 225)

By Álvaro Alexandre, 12/08/2018
Conectar: conectar amplificador-colunas
Sim usei "Supra"!
Prós:amacia o som sem que perca o brilho das frequências :-D
Construção: 2 condutores gémios
Características mecanicas:- AWG 13 Ecção: 2.5mm2 com ótima maleabilidade
Bom isolamento em PVC macio
Fios de cobre : 651 por condutor de diâmetro 0.07mm
Características eléctricas:
Isolamento resistir. por 1 km [GΩ] 0,01
Resistência Hómica do condutor por 1 km [Ω] 7,8//0.0078/m


Solid Cable. Good Sound. Great Price. (Fender - Custom Shop Performance Series Cable Angled)

By azraik, 03/04/2015

Cables usually seem like a no-brainer. Just go to your nearest music shop and buy the cheapest one you can find. All cables are pretty much the same, right?


Why spend only $10-15 on an instrument cable that will last a year, when you can spend an extra $10-15 and have a cable that will last for years to come. Buying gear is about more than saving a buck; it's about making an investment, and that is especially the case with professional sound equipment. Fender Custom Shop cables are not merely classy-looking and built well, but they sound great for the money.

Cables that Don't Break the Bank

Let's face it, Fender Custom Shop cables are not synonymous with big names like Mogami, Lava, or George L's, but they are every bit as good and do not cost nearly as much. Normally, with sound equipment, you truly get what you pay for (or for a little extra money). Not so with Fender Custom Shop's; they really offer great value for the money. I have owned and used them for a few years now with my guitar setup, in both live and studio environments. I immediately noticed a difference in build and sound quality when I started using them, rather than paying for the cheap off-brand cables at my local music shop. The cheap cables I have used will short or stop working after a year, give or take. But my Fender cables have been going strong for almost 3 years, and I haven't seen any noticeable wear yet.

The thing about these cables that really stands out to me is the exterior build quality. Instrument cables are notorious for breaking or shorting at the ends of the cable because they are not properly reinforced or protected. But Fender Custom Shop's have an extra rubber casing around the ends of the cable, which not only protects the cable from wear and tear, but also provides extra insulation when handling the cables around high-voltage musical equipment. Plus, the cables are covered in a tweed cloth that gives them a classic look and provides additional protection and insulation. The only "downside" to all of this extra material on the cables is that it makes them a bit more stiff physically than typical off-brand cables… but I would rather have my cables feel stiff than be more susceptible to bending and breaking.


For the money, you can't beat the quality and classic beauty of Fender Custom Shop instrument cables.

New Diamond speaker cable (YBA - Diamond Interconnect)

By Json, 08/12/2014
Hi-fi use.
Since 2014.
I've used plenty of cables before these.
Overall opinion.
After some listening time, the Diamond are neutral, the sound is smooth, the resolution is soft, due to its transparency with lots of details, without really highlighting any given frequency. The dynamic response is accurate, there's no question about it! What you hear is music. All sorts of music. From studio to live, from classic rock to electronic music.
They are the best cables I've had. And I've heard quite a few...In fact you don't hear the Diamond, you forget about them, because they give way to the recordings, to the music. The elegance of music at its height. That's what many other cables lack.
They are among the 3 or 4 best cables for hi-fi.
A cable is not meant to make a unit sound better in this or that frequency range, it's only supposed to let through the signal in its entirety without adding anything. Price isn't everything.

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