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User reviews on Cable Tester products

moosers's review (Whirlwind - DCT-9 Tester)

By moosers, 29/09/2011
The Whirlwind DCT-9 Tester is a cable test that can test all sorts of cables to see if they are in working condition or not. I don't own one of these as I don't own a large enough studio, but if I did I would be all over this. Having worked at various studios over the years, you'd be surprised (or maybe you wouldn't be) at how many cables break during sessions. There's no time to mess with it during the session and they eventually just get thrown in a pile. Many studios will have a tech on hand, who will probably have something like this, but for those who don't have a tech, having something like this cable test is a wise investment. The DCT-9 in particular can test XLR, 1/4", RCA, TT, 1/8" and just about every other kind of cable you can think of. I've only really seen this used and tried it at one studio that I've worked out of. Since I was just there on a freelance basis, my experience it hasn't been much, but to see it in action has convinced me it's a necessary tool to have in pro studios. It's pretty easy to use, as it has connections for all the different types of cables there are to test here, and you can also use it for a test tone. For beginners, the manual is probably a good thing to have, but I haven't seen it for myself. This doesn't cost a ton of money but it isn't very cheap either. In the long run I think it will certainly be worth it for pro studio owners to have, especially if you have someone who can go in there to fix the cables. Check it out as the Whirlwind DCT-9 seems to be one of the most complete cable testers around!

bad experience (Behringer - Cable Tester CT100)

By Jack Shnor, 21/07/2013
2 months of use. before, I use a standard tester.
I have a bad habit of always seeking the cheapest and I buy very to weld but buying the cheapest I made a mistake, a TRS is removed within the CT100 and the tip is stay inside, I seek to recover but to no avail, can not remove the jack socket without damaged circuit boards. Very bad operation that led me to buy 60 bases TRS good quality and brand new cast CT100 for palmer.
this is an excellent time tester and cheap, it is complete and unlike other consoles and mix, this is where the Behringer brand is very strong.
Palmer is two times more expensive, but the jack easily slide in, without clinging.
So, no, I will not repeat the same choice for either the bases or to the tester also I have to replace a Palmer XL Cable Tester (MCTXL)


By CROPUS, 03/12/2013
I have since 2 days YOUPPPIIIII! ! ! !
Never tried other before!
The feature I like most

1 / PRIZE course! ! !

2 / SA TOUGH case thickness 15/10 mm Weight 850 grams

3 / The variety of shots that can be tested (see photos).

The quality of all!

Possibilities compared to more expensive devices, see a lot more expensive (I'm not a salesman lol) not to mention brand!

What I like least is the battery drawer which does not properly closed and that tends not to establish good contact with the battery, but just the touch of your finger to reconnect therefore monitor not to be confused with a break in a cable or welding (on my device but is perhaps not general) here is what is!

Hardly been introduced battery (supplied) (a light comes on and shows the status of the battery when the switch is in the correct position), the two cables plugged in spades supplied with the unit for testing, that he introduced me to bad connections of some of my cables YESSSS! !

Value exceptional price.

For now I would do this choice of course because for my use which is not daily and even I would say casual, I would see in the future if he keeps those promises, but I am hopeful!