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My filter prefer! (FilterShaper 2)

By lafreux 74, 16/07/2013
installation without particular problems.
config is very simple because everything is under the eyes.


This filter is running in 32 or 64 bit, I can not find resource intensive but I'm in no position to advise the above because I dropped on my config (I7 3770 / 16GB RAM ....)
So far he has never planted even pulling him like crazy unlike the Etch (FXpansion) which tends to crash often ... This is also why the FilterShaper became my main filter.


I knew this plug by chance a tutorial on Youtube, I was immediately impressed by the fact that you can "draw" the wave a bit like how "performer" of Massive.
I use many filters mainly for my songs Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Neurofunk the FilterShaper 2 is very similar to TAL-FILTER2 but it is much more comprehensive.
There are the main types of drumfilters (bp / hp / band pass / notch and peak) in 2 sections and 4 LFO's.

For 49 euros ... I strongly advice that you plug especially for fans of Dubstep and Drum & Bass, with it you will really "sculpt" your tablecloths.
I do not regret my purchase in some cases and you should too!

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Cableguys update VolumeShaper 4 and PanShaper

1 Published on 04/25/16
Cableguys has updated VolumeShaper to v4.2 and PanShaper to 1.1, adding independent settings for LFO & Mix controls.

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