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User reviews on Capo products

Like a new instrument (Creative Tunings - Spider Capo)

By macaius, 29/10/2016
After discovering this and watching several videos with reviews on youtube I was wondering how it could work for me. A while later I was buying one.
Hands on I use this capo for acoustic guitar. I think this capo will work great for indie music and for arpeggios. I did not try it on electric guitar because it fits my needs well for acoustic.
The capo is relatively easy to install but sure I don't want to leave a mark on the neck (it comes with a soft leather in the pincer grips) but just in case I'm careful and no marks on the neck whatsoever.
What I like most of this capo is the fact it gives you instant inspiration due to it's fabulous flexibility to create alternate tunings. That alone is worth because it's like having different stringed instruments in one just changing the position on the neck and the finger handles. It sounds clear and no buzz if it's properly in place. Also you can adjust the width of the finger handles to fit exactly your guitar.
More, you can even use more than one capo if you want to go further on experimental tunings.
PROS: A versatile tool and refreshing for experimented guitar players. Great tonal possibilities.
CONS: Not the best option to use as a standard capo because it requires a while to put on the neck. It's kinda tricky to play comfortably very close to the capo.


Very effective (Planet Waves - NS Capo CP-02 - Silver)

By Bidibuleable, 24/09/2014
I use the capo for about 3 years: his condition has not changed. It is simple, does not take place, do not mind the game and go anywhere.
Aesthetically speaking, it is very successful. Finishing very clean and neat.
After not too print falsehood (it is still necessary that the guitar is set ...). I love this system in any case, it takes up less space than other capos clip for example. So it does not exceed the handle and is very discreet without disturbing play.
Basically, a neat product, efficient, discreet and has the look and more! Well worth a non 10/10? Perfect!

Nickel (Dunlop - Electric Trigger Capo)

By Megajp, 21/08/2014
I use it for a decade, it is practical, it is the well barré.On can even halves dam to hyper compliqués.Fonctionne agreements on electric, acoustic, banjo and ukulele, whether you're left-handed or right handed. RAS otherwise that it is essential to change the strings on a Bibsby or a Rickenbaker.

News Capo

[NAMM] Capos for alternate tunings

Published on 01/15/15
D’Addario/Planet Waves will introduce at NAMM 2015 two new capos that will allow you to tune your guitar differently in no time.

Guitar Tech GT203

Published on 09/19/12

Rotosound AC01 Guitar Capo

Published on 12/05/11