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User Review

great device, but not very practical - Reviews Marantz CD-73

I used this unit for twenty-five years in the workplace (during music history).
This plate upscale dating from the early cd players. It was a very heavy machine, all metal, which changed the other players, usually quite mild. The transformer was in a small metal box which was a growth on the back. Mechanics was in a big, thick drawer, ie that all the mechanics out to accommodate or make the disk.

The sound was remarkable richness and density, with a real serious structured. It took many years before the entry-level players are approaching, and even today it still looks good.

Its only drawback is not musical, but manipulative nature.
As in many CD players of that time, access to tracks on the disc was not live. Thus, to go from the beach to the beach 1 8 forward had one track, ie start playing the track 2 and then move on to the next track, do the same at the beach 3 , .... and so on

From this point of view, this device was quickly surpassed by readers plastic to 1000 francs at the time.

But there was the sound ... The sound quality was such that I never asked for another plate, and I'm still able to accept this system track skip "another time" so to speak. If you ever have the opportunity to listen to a CD player, you will notice that the premium had quickly reached a kind of maturity that has not found much later on entry-level players ; the hardness of his then rightly be called the "sound laser" did not exist in this machine built with care and with good components.