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User Review

Nice price and reliable - Reviews Numark CDN450

The Numark CDN450 is a very reasonably priced dual DJ MP3 and CD Player, it takes up two rack spaces and it is a great solution to someone who needs an in house set up for a club or something similar. To me, this is not the device you want to be taking all over the place with you because it is pretty big and bulky and very fragile. So in my opinion that is the least thing that I like about it, when DJ’s look for these units they want them to be very portable, but this one is not. It does have some really good features, one of my favorites is the quality of the jog wheel, you use this wheel for your search screen as well as scratching and pitch bend. It is well built and has a nice feel with little resistance to it. I tend to over use my jog wheels and they seem to get very “loose” over time, but I don’t see the CDN450 every getting that way.

The CDN450 has auto detection for your BPM and a tap tempo to. I used the Numark CDN450 with some dual ¼ Hosa cables because they are really good quality, the CDN450 did not come with the cords at all.
The Price of the CDN450 is less than 300 dollars and that is a good price for such a solid unit that won’t give you any issues when used in a live situation. There are several reports of this unit skipping, I have never experienced that. I think this unit by Numark is a top of the line MP3 and CD Player, I just don’t feel like it is portable enough because it seems fragile even though it has metal chassis. The sound quality is great, I have used a ton of different Numark and Pioneer systems. This is one of the better ones, with a lower price!