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User reviews on Clarinet products

Flöten Lusthof's review (Buffet Crampon - Basse 1180 Bb)

By Flöten Lusthof, 11/03/2013
Bass clarinet grenadilla up to Eb, with a simple registry key it was the model for the study of Buffet Crampon until some years ago. It is no longer manufactured since.
Bought used a few months ago, I played almost every day since in band and chamber music, in groups of traditional music and the instrument courses. Before that, I played for years on an old Pedler a bit rotten ... I feel rediscover the instrument!

- Very soft and comfortable keywork, which falls well under the fingers.
- Good intonation, very homogeneous.
- Beautiful tone, especially in the bass.
- Possibility of adding a low D key on the roof and a double registry key (the chimney is already there).
- Well balanced, which is far from negligible when, like me, often playing up.
- Case solid, comfortable to wear, protects the instrument well.
- Presence of a picnic to play seated.
- Good performance of keywork, which disrupts a game despite some intensive and extensive travel.

- Down only Eb ... Fortunately, as I write above, you can add a key re.
- Some strangled acute, it takes a bit for stuff inside out round and full. It will certainly be better in a few months when it will be a little open (the guy that I bought almost did not play).
- Support of thumb does not quite: it is adjustable in height, but the screw that holds it tends to relax when the instrument is a little "worn" on the go. It never happens when playing seated, obviously.

For the price that I got this instrument is placed far ahead of resin models from Yamaha and Jupiter. Nothing to do, a wooden instrument, that changes everything!
Obviously, compared to a Selmer Privilege in C (which I often do), the Buffet sounds less "big" ... However, for an instrument of this range, I would do without hesitation that choice.

Superb clarinet (Yamaha - YCL-250)

By alechat, 01/08/2012
I write an opinion because there is error on the model.
This clarinet is in Bb and Eb not.
Resin body
- Matt finish imitation wood
- Barrel 65mm
- Nickel Keywork,
- Support thumb
- Valentino pads (no maintenance)
- Spout CL-4C

This instrument acclaimed by music schools and conservatories, has a very high quality manufacturing with a value "exceptional" ...

practical plastic (Nuvo - Clarineo)

By MrGambetta, 25/02/2012
Clarinet in C all-plastic (including keys) for children.
I bought it for me, for his part off-road and because of the price (you can find affordable clarinets in Bb clarinets but for any clarinet in C Chinese costs at least 3x more expensive).
Despite its looks it is not a toy, it's a clarinet, with real fingerings.
Very simple to install and maintain.

The sound is somewhat tinny with plastic reeds that came with the clarinet, especially in the treble, but is quite correct when you go to reeds reed.
Beware if you buy reeds, was not necessarily a lot of choices in Eb clarinet reeds. Much to tell you, for ease of issuing notes, there is a gulf between the 1.5 comes with Rico and Vandoren clarinet that you find at your local music store.

The whole aspect a little rickety at first is actually quite solid, you can buy all the parts separately.
The key is flexible plastic, which causes a small inertia about the mechanisms and relative difficulty to plug some holes in the beginning.

Apart from this, good value for money.

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