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Clavia Nord Electro 4

Clavia Nord Electro 4D

User reviews on Clavia Nord Electro 4 products

As usual: Unstoppable! (Clavia - Nord Electro 4 SW73)

By lekanut, 06/10/2013
1 year North ex internship, 1 and a half years north electro 3.1 year and a half north piano, 2 years North Stage 2 76 (heavy touch), all this through a northern wave ..
Suffice to say I used to NORD.
(For a detailed perspective view my opinion on the north course audiofanzine here on February 76.)

Used to play the organ on the heavy touch of stage 2 of the 76 or 80 jupiter doublet, I had the pleasure of enjoying on stage with a heavy touch down and a real waterfall above.
In addition I needed a keyboard top but very light to go right and left outside concerts.

I would not take two Nords, so enjoy another marque.J 'so I chose a kurzweil pc3 k8 and I sold the stage 2 by buying a North electro April 73.

In this way I kept the north (not do without that clear), at the same time I recovered the waterfall and lightness, and if I want a heavy touch to play the piano sounds north well it is simple I control midi from my kurzweil.
In the end I have the feeling of having everything I need, and nothing I do not need. (Which does not bother me).

we need to talk a bit first differences between the 61 and the 73.
Freaks organ playing with the zippers have the 61, but cool at the cost of sacrifice:
-2 Times less memory for pianos and samples as 73.
Frankly, I was not ready to sacrifice much memory just to have real drawbars.

The 73 to 380 mo for piano (180 for electro electro north and north 3 April 61) and it changes things anyway because you can really download the latest big pianos north library without feeling limité.180 mo ca fears on this point there will be tradeoffs.
The northern electro April 73 approaches the same stage 2 .. and ca ca me plait!

For samples, 68 mo of electro and electro 3 April 61, the fear was also ca double on the north electro April 73.

The evolutions if compared to the electro 3
New simulation-leslie
Organ-enhanced (generation C2D) so above stage 2 (C2 generation) and above the north electro 3 (her generation of C1)
the click is better, everything is better in fact .. it sounds even warmer and more organic (without electro 3 is ridiculous should not exaggerate.
-The delay (before yen had not)
-Noon by usb
-Along release for pianos
-4 Buttons selection of sounds (against 2)
Some want to sell their electro 3 saying it is the same as the 4 ... well not for me (I'll Chapter sounds.)


Easier is not possible.
Its limitations are its strength, right and most perfect demonstration of the concept "one button one function"
His samples (not pianos and eps, I speak various samples are not editable in detail (except for the place and settle in a memory effects), but there is a bit more on the software.

This is not the stage 2 and most searched panel synthesis.

the manual?
What ...


My North electro 3, I found nice, but manquai me something.
When I went on stage 2 I felt the difference.

My electro north April 73, honestly I think it sounds better than the electro 3, I do not know to explain in detai is a feeling.
In fact I feel like nothing compared to losing my ex stage 2.
pianos and everything else, ca also sounds good, the organ will ring even a little better after the techique sheet

I will not repeat my opinion of course for two sounds, what I can say is that apart from the different functions, it sounds as good as Stage 2, that is to say at the top.


Soon one year with my north electro April 73.
I had to do around forty concerts with over mo heavy touch.

I have nothing to reproach in fact, it makes me all the services for which I bought with a solid pro and cash and reliability to any ordeal.
I broke out with organ sounds, ca is great and when I spend a heavy touch the waterfall ca slides alone typed for specific effects of the organ game.
Especially it sounds terrible, it's pro.
Outside the organ pianos are impeccable (although inherently the keyboard is not the best to play well obviously)
I just load it in the stretch north piano (a little out there) and it is a killer for rock .. pfff ..
Eps do a good job, and the various samples are also very efficient anyway to use thanks to the quality of the library.
Lots of good synths there are represented as well as various specific instruments (acoustic, mellotron and chamberlain)

We can talk for hours, this is not a keyboard for geeks who do not necessarily include the price, but when you move and you work hard music is a great companion.
It does not sacrifice the essential: the sound.
There are no complex functions, but it will especially help you to play without taking the head of a formidable efficiency.
Whatever I do and wherever I go play, I always ship anyway it is essential to me.
Too bad he did not have a liquid crystal display as stage 2, but no it's not bad for most of the northern third quality with less price.
Apart from that I can not blame him a little anyway ...
It is near perfection for what I did.

This is NOT 4HP fantastic! (Clavia - Nord Electro 4 HP)

By Sergio23, 18/09/2013
It is a 73-key hammer keyboard, so six octaves ranging from Mi to Mi (NE4 hit the waterfall from the Fa Fa).
Connectivity: Midi, USB ...
The number depends on the weight of sound sounds loaded in the internal memory. Basically, I think there should be any 40 sounds (grand pianos, upright pianos, electric pianos, organs, synths ...).
The sounds can be edited fairly intuitive.
The strong point is portability. Only 11 kg, it is really super nice when we have to move! In a soft but solid cover, it's almost like carrying an electric guitar.


The configuration seems simple enough, and yet I am not a fan of technology and hacking.
The manual is not very thick, but it was enough to find and do what I wanted so far.
Editing sounds and effects is really easy. It's a real keyboard scene, no submenus in the menu. We want a reverb, the reverb is switched hop. Need an equalizer, just press a button and adjust the knobs directly accessible. We want a bit of distortion on an organ, you press a button and a knob is turned. It's that easy!


This is where I'm in heaven!
The sound is absolutely fantastic! I did not need to look or change anything. Grand pianos, electric pianos kind Rhodes and Wurlitzer and Hammond organs are incredible! The sounds are super hot and deep. The drawbars for organ are very effective! Leslie simulation is a killer!
If the sounds are realistic?? When I play the piano, I feel that there is a real piano in the room!
The effects of electric pianos are tops and really allow you to change the sounds, making them fatter, dirtier, this is stunning!
I use two pianos, 2 electric pianos, 2 organs and accordion tears. That's all for now, but it's perfect! This is the best keyboard that I've played so far. Apart from Roland, Yamaha and Korg are very good though, it really is a cut above!


I use it for 2 months.
Before, I had a Roland that I liked but weighed nearly 30 kg.
And to move in rehearsal or concert, it was horrible.
My criteria were the size, weight, quality of sound and touch, and the Nord Electro 4HP, I found exactly what I was looking for.
I tried the model with the touch Waterfall but as I mainly piano and electric piano, I preferred the heavy NE 4HP touch. I also tried the Nord Piano 2, but I have not found a big difference so I opted for NE4HP that more organs and drawbars. It seems that heavy touch is better on the Nord Piano 2. I did not find it obvious ...
The price / quality ratio is a complicated and somewhat subjective in my concept. In my case, I would say that if this keyboard is robust over time, then the price / quality ratio is very good even though I know it's expensive.
With experience, I would do this choice without hesitation.

evolution but not revolution ... (Clavia - Nord Electro 4D)

By pico, 26/01/2013
Keyboard 61 keys with a light touch and at the same time perfectly usable on pianos for those who like it.

The memory is just too over the pianos on site NORTH

The memory is just too also what is the NORTH library, you get quickly out of memory and it is a bit frustrating.


I'm here to put forward these qualities, large defects for me North electro 4

1 / I do not like not being able to use the compressor with the amps because they are all placed on one single function.

2/justement I love to mix one with a flange phaser or tremolo with a wha wha ... Anyway I would like more opportunity to programming effects which are all excellent.

3 / I think that in 2013 a larger LCD screen with backup names (like northern internship) program would be useful for the scene.

4 / I think the organ (génial!) on some programming tends to saturate on some notes and no other and with the use of the phonic wheel you can not use compressor which avoid these problems, in short compressor output is sorely lacking at this general north electro.

5 / I find that the memory could be doubled, it is just the current state ...

6 / drawbars on the organ does not store locations which can be annoying in live use.

And finally I think the keyboard is a bit noisy but great fun to use.

Anyway, I think for the price there are many points to improve, but we must also admit that the sound level I have not found anything better in this price range.

On the plus side I would say B3 organ in version 2 really changed, it is more credible and lively and fun to use, once it is used in zippers is very nice but spoiled by lack of storage position.

Another important point is the contribution of the afternoon by the usb (which works fine) this is my additional criteria that made me buy a North electro4 rather than three


The B3 is just killing and alone justifies the investment northern electro 4D

Pianos are as always excellent and very musical as usual at NORTH

I think it is time to change the sounds of electric pianos compared to the competition by providing the resonance musical example? OR even more realism to the sounds of blades buttons brief improvements in the realistic electric pianos.

Northern Library bookstore is great, especially with the mélotro but it still lacks a lot of variety of sounds.


I find the high value for money.
There is no better on the market a keyboard built for stage and studio with good piano and organ samples + library and general instruments still in constant evolution.

When you're like me accustomed to the sound of the first north from north Elecro, we have a hard time without it and finds herself with soulless instruments as soon as you want to change creamer.

The build quality is exemplary, this is what we do best on the market

Made in the BIG + is the sound of the B3 which alone gives a good reason to choose a north face electro4D 3 and also the midi output via USB that allows utilsation these plugins favorites if not for the rest there is not even memory improvement ...

With hindsight at my purchase if I knew the release of version 73 keys with doubled memory, I may be waiting a bit, but compact and zippers gives a lot of charm I think.

Nice but expensive (Clavia - Nord Electro 4D)

By mrjason, 30/10/2012
The Clad Nord Electro 4D has some amazing sounds, the organs are perfect. I normally don’t like organs on newer synths but the organs on the Clad Nord Electro 4D shocked me big time. The Clad Nord Electro 4D is a 61 key synth that can also be used as a MIDI controller if you want it to be one. There are no speakers on this keyboard so you will need to have the audio running out to your DAW or external sound source (speakers).


The keys on the Clad Nord Electro 4D feel pretty good, they are semi weighted and have a nice feel to them even when you first play the 4D. The keys do not need to be broken in, they will feel great right out of the box.


Nord actually surprised me with this keyboard synth because they put some solid effects in to it. Some of my favorite effects are the tremolo, auto-wah, and chorus. But it does have some really good reverb types and it will let you pick from 6 different reverb styles like stage and hall. If you want to use the Clad Nord Electro 4D live it will be really easy to pick your patches and change your sounds on the fly. The Clad Nord Electro 4D has 4 live memory locations and they will automatically save for you without you even having to tell it to.


I would recommend this keyboard to a lot of musicians, mainly live musicians. But the issue is the price, it cost a lot of money. If you are into electronic music this keyboard will be perfect for you if you can afford it. If I could go back, I probably would not buy this keyboard again because of the price. I could have spent that money on other gear and got more stuff for that amount of money.

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