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User reviews on Coaxial Speaker/Driver products

Surprise! (Beyma - 12 AG-100)

By impermanent, 06/08/2011
I did not choose is a merchant in my area who advised me to try it
To play Blues and Jazz.
He got into a Deluxe Reverb-Amp 1965.


The clean sound is excellent for blues and jazz that I wanted on the other hand in saturated is very bad.


I have 10 years
I have not tried the other.
I like the sound clear.
The value for money is excellent.
I do it again this choice without worry

Very good HP (Beyma - 12KX)

By Ă  Chaud, 21/05/2011
This is one of the best coax for the serious under low volume.
Highly effective.

I wanted to do returns for drummer and bass down low in the grave without requiring too large a volume of speaker.
I modeled all Coaxial Beyma HP and other brands. He who gives the best performance in the bass in a small volume (50 to 80 liters).
The 15KX does not happen at the ankle.


Sound quality as very consistent on all coaxial well designed.


The HP millennium are not bad, but at the same power 12KX gives 3 dB more. It is like doubling the power of the amplifier.

AXEL BY SHOW's review (JB Systems - CPX 15 A)

By AXEL BY SHOW, 16/01/2010



News Coaxial Speaker/Driver

[Musikmesse] Beyma 8CX300Nd

Published on 03/25/10
The 8CX300Nd joins the family of Beyma new coaxial drivers.

[Musikmesse] Beyma 5CX200Nd

Published on 03/25/10