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User reviews on Coaxial Speaker/Driver products

arseno's review (JBL - Power P-93)

By arseno, 07/05/2006
Very easy to install, excllent deseing I think.


I istallation market myself and honestly I was a little disappointed with the sound for the price I had paid. I'm not saying that the sound is bad, it is very good but for the price it costs, I'm sure we just beat.


To buy if you have a lot of money, but otherwise just search a bit and I'm sure you can find better than her

Anonyme's review (Beyma - 12XA30Nd)

By Anonyme, 05/11/2007
So Adi, I'm 100% confident that speaker can marque.cet dlivrer fucking her to cry popaul ...


Nikel ...


Nothing to say

Music Partners Organisation's review (JBL - Power P-93)

By Music Partners Organisation, 08/05/2006
I test with the HP ALPINE amplifier, high-end reference number, the result is impressive, it feels all the knowledge JBL, and the key pro.
Nothing to say, it sounds devilishly good.
Attention to wiring, do not use the kit offered with HP, but Monster Cable Real Cable, and to fix the HP use screws ht range BTR kind.


The frquence curve JBL is almost always perfect and stable, the image comes stro addition pramplificateur / amplifier within a range with hte ALPINE BBE processor (reference number in studio recording) so optimal image.
Frequencies are very well reproduced with the mdiums so critical, JBL knows his stuff, and sings.
punchy bass program and treble frequencies chiselled, prcises, not aggressive
As the momentum it creates no distortion even high volume.
The t test was done as advised JBL with a more powerful amplifier that HP, in order not to gnrer components of high frequencies that dtruisent HP.
A clear round for HP JBL.


SIMPLE TEST 3h 30mn with full volume on all frequencies.

News Coaxial Speaker/Driver

[Musikmesse] Beyma 8CX300Nd

Published on 03/25/10
The 8CX300Nd joins the family of Beyma new coaxial drivers.

[Musikmesse] Beyma 5CX200Nd

Published on 03/25/10