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Reviews Computer Gear (Non-audio)

Making Music on the iPad

The iPad for Musicians: Present State Considered a bulky iPhone by its detractors when it was first presented, the iPad has been revolutionizing the market of mobile computing ever since — and our DAWs as a consequence. A good enough reason to take a stand on the issue. Let's start with an overview of Apple's offering. read more…

Choosing a Laptop for Music Making: Part 2

Lifting the Lid on Audio Laptops: The Test In Part 2 we go deeper into PC laptops for music production and put a few choice models to the test. read more…

User reviews on Computer Gear (Non-audio) products

convenient (Apple - Wireless Keyboard)

By sw80, 13/11/2012
The Apple Wireless Keyboard is very thin and sleek. I have been using it for a while now with my iPad because it has made type so much easier than using the touch screen keyboard, especially when it comes to typing something long like an email or a paper. If you own an iPad then you must go out and purchase this right away. It is very handy to have and it is very portable as well as affordable (69.00). It takes 2 AA batteries and they don’t last very long if you use the keyboard a lot. I have to replace the batteries all of the time, but I can deal with that because of how easy it makes my life on my iPad.
It does come with a manual but you will not need it because setting it up takes not effort at all. The keys are not like typical keyboard keys, they are softer and more flat then regular keyboard keys. It did take some time getting use to using it because I am use to using a laptop keyboard that has a little more heaviness to it. The keys on the Apple Wireless Keyboard are easy to press and they don’t have much of a texture to them.
If you want to use this on your mac you will need to have Bluetooth enabled and and OS of 10.8 or higher for it to run. You can even walk away from your Mac or iPad and still use the keyboard up to around 30 feet. This keyboard will also turn off on its own when it is not being used to save battery life but I still don’t think that it is much of a difference as much as I have to switch the batteries out of it. For and iPad user, this is something you cannot pass up on. It is affordable and convenient.

Highly functional, unwieldy without some demonstration (Digidesign - D-Command Producer’s Desk)

By SpiralShaper, 22/05/2015
Today I'm writing a review of the D-Command Producer's Desk by Avid. I used this product quite a lot while in school with Avid Pro Tools|HD11. I personally did not install this equipment so I can't comment on it's ease of installation, however, I do have experience with modifying the interfacing with the program.

Setting up the D-Command for ethernet connection is a fairly straight forward process, however it is not the most intuitive. Without some direction I would've never found the interfacing dialog box.

The controls are large and easy to manipulate. They are arranged in grids by functionality. Editing preferences is done through a multi-input dialog window on the desk. The faders are motorized and contain a safety to prevent motor burnout. The lights can be tested thru the preference dialog. The desk can be arranged to incorporate controls to X-Mon or HDX for monitoring.

Overall I like the feel of this Desk. It is a very close cousin to the D-Control modules. It has some incorporation with other DAWs, although it is specific to Avid equipment. I rate 4/5 for the D-Command Producer's Desk, for functionality compared to counter-intuitive interfacing.

A NEW ERA has started! (Open Labs - MiKo Timbaland Special Edition)

By proof, 31/05/2016
The MPC60 & SP1200 will be remembered as legends, and in between MIKO timbaland will be remembered as the beginning of a revolution :oops2:


Easy once set up properly
Used with REAPER software
Many included presets
0 latency
works on windows XP - yes, as of now XP is no longer updated, Microsoft has turned the page.
When it came out it was very powerful but now it mostly looks like a retired champion.

the miko is noisy (fan), just like a low-end home PC when used for hours.


BACK IN 2008 this was a real war machine and well enough to produce a nice single.
Soundwise, I had paired it with apogees clock and converters and the sound was simply beautiful. Thanks Apogee.


This synth had a high potential, almost a precursor in music but now with the computer music market and perpetual evolutions in music you only get outdated too soon :oops2:

MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE : I had a lot of problems with mine: motherboard out of order and a factory resetwhich cost me $2000. I still use it because it contains all EMU soundbanks, otherwise it looks way better than it's useful

News Computer Gear (Non-audio)

Elektron releases Overbridge 1.0 with a promo

Published on 08/17/15
Elektron announced that the Overbridge plug-in is now available in v1.0 for Ableton Live and launched a special sale on their Analog Machines.

Feature Articles Computer Gear (Non-audio)

Strategies for archiving your session files and mixes for the long haul

Published on 08/07/15
Strategies for archiving your session files and mixes for the long haul
Back in the days of analog tape, archiving multitrack sessions was not an easy task. You needed a place to store the bulky tape reels, and if you didn’t “bake” the tapes to get the moisture out of th…

And the Guitar Was Born!

History of the Les Paul

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