so while using my interface (scarlet 18i20) with the reaper daw, I can hear my guitar (through input 1) playing a clean tone at the same time as the sound I created with my vst's. I cant figure out how to make the clean tone go away. at first I thought it was a setting in the daw but I closed the program and I can still hear the guitar. I turned the level knob for input 1 all the way off and I can still hear the guitar. whats going on? what am I missing? usually i cant hear anything with the knob all the way to the left and when i use reaper and add effects to the track, all i hear is the sound i created not that and a clean guitar at the same time. it is getting very very frustrating. i don't know if direct monitoring has anything to do with it as i have messed around with the knob and the buttons below it and nothing has changed. has anyone experienced this before? any help would be greatly appreciated.