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Comments about the feature article: Optimize Your DAW Computer for Your Home Studio - forum Computer Music

Optimize Your DAW Computer for Your Home Studio
This is how you can easily build and maintain a professionally equipped music computer to power the digital audio workstation for your home recording studio.

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we can save the data on other hard drives but what about C drive softwares? I mean all my Native instruments, real guitar and all the DAWs? I will have to setup them all in case of a c drive crash!! What care i should take so that i can start my work as quickly as possible?:oo:
you're giving out some good and useful advices, but the article may be overlooking an important component of any DAW computer: the soundcard. shouldn't it be the main device to focus on?

Ya this article misses a LOT of basic stuff indeed. Like dual, quad, 6 and 8 core machines, OS overhead and it's optimization. A 5200 RPM drive is NOT good, as 7200 are as plentiful as mosquitoes. RAID drives and SSD drives are all cool. Well some of the article was good. Like two monitors is a very nice help. USB 3 and SATA 3 should be looked at. Okay it STARTED out okay. Oh hell it was terrible. Sorry... It is an older article too.

For the disk part, i also recommend buying a solid state drive, this will give a huge boost to reading / writing speeds especially for those who use VST samples.
My question is only how would a person who works primarily with Apple know anything about PC components? Apple does not allow you to build a machine from scratch.

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