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A great keyboard (VPC 1)

By Markkus, 21/08/2013
What characteristics have motivated your choice?
The touch and velocity curves for ivory, galaxy ...


Very nice touch and heavy. Ideal for pianists who want a touch closer to that of a grand piano.
Clear manual.
Simple setup, plug it plays.


How long have you use it? 3 days
Have you tried many other models before buying it? Numa Nero, Yamaha p155, Kurzweil PC88
What is the particular feature you like best and least?
+ Aesthetics, beautiful keyboard
- The weight ...? 30kgs
How would you rate the quality / price? For 1300 € this is the best touch, or have to spend more than 2000 € for PM10.

VPC1 is an excellent choice for MIDI only Piano simulation, not general midi keyboard use (VPC 1)

By David Studhalter, 04/10/2017
I use the VPC1 exclusively with Pianoteq, running on an ordinary laptop, with an M-Audio interface and 2 KRK Rokit 6" powered speakers. I use USB only, no power to the keyboard, although it does come with an external power supply.

This keyboard has no onboard sound at all. It is purely intended as a PIANO keyboard, for use with simulated electronic piano sounds via MIDI. Some other keyboard instruments can also work, such as harpsichord, etc., but it is not suitable for stage piano use.

The instrument is heavy and bulky. A little hard to move around for performances.

The action is excellent. Feels exactly like a grand piano, with a fairly heavy touch, but not to the point where it's tiring to play, at least not for me, although I've seen reviews that faulted it on this point. It is well made. I've used mine almost daily for two years and it seems no different than when brand new.

The velocity curve default on my software is pretty standard, which is to say it is not idiosyncratic or unusual. The output is very sensitive, from a whisper pianissimo to as loud as you can play captured in seemingly infinite gradation. It defaults to 1 = silent (0 is note off), so it can emulate a piano almost perfectly.

It has three pedals as an included accessory, and has a sostenuto function, so you really can play it just like the grand pianos emulations.

Overall, it is expensive but probably the best choice out there for under $2000 US for a MIDI piano controller with no extraneous nonsense.

News Computer Music Kawai

[NAMM][VIDEO] Kawai VPC 1 Piano Controller

Published on 01/27/13
Kawai confirms the launching of the VPC 1 MIDI and USB controller for virtual pianos, with the look and feel of a real piano.