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A real gas plant - Reviews Nicolaudie Sunlite Suite 2 Basic Class

Software purchased in 2011 for driving Mac250 Krypton Sunstrips of ramps, Pars LED RGB.
I have a light console for conventional lights, and since the room is small, I did not have the budget to buy a console for enslaved.
I have not tested other software or hardware to compare
Sunlite Suite 2 BC does allow us to control all parameters of the slave, but the efforts of staggering price.
The Nicolaudie website provides only token support to the understanding of the software. We need to find all by yourself. Only a few tutorials gleaned here and there on the web allow to understand some of the complexity of the case. And that's nothing to say that it is complex. Anything is possible (or almost) but you have to find bac +5 how it's done. Connect a MIDI interface to control or DMX software is possible but you have to configure everything from A to Z. We have to create graphical interface in Sunlite! The interfaces preprogrammed bank is ridiculous (twenty references).
There is no Undo. If you make a mistake in programming, it may be necessary to start from scratch. Some programmed buttons are selected in single player, some do not. Unable to understand why. Some functions deselect others without warning. It should, for example, a certain familiarity to find why this projector is turned off when it should be on.
Of course, the software is not very heavy in material resources. And it's cheap. But I would not recommend that solution troubleshooting and if you have plenty of time for him.
Personally, I do not have that choice