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Oktava Condenser Microphones

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User reviews on Condenser Microphones Oktava products

Best Room Mic Ever (MK-219)

By chrislieck, 25/09/2012
This mic has one of the most realistic room sounds around. No coloring. It is a very flat microphone. We have used these mics for years for room sounds and acoustic guitars. That is the two best applications I have found with this mic. The placement is important. It is very sensitive and picks every nuance up. I love these mics. I recently did a recording session and this was the only mic I used for every instrument aside from drums and vocals. I started with acoustic guitar I and I mic'd the guitar from about 1 foot back from the body and used another one from about 2 feet back and the sound was incredible. I was using a basic pre amp that day nothing fancy. The sound was flat and sounded fat, crisp and clean. There was no colorizing to the sound. I then moved on to sax and horns. We placed the mic about three feet back from the trumpet and the sax and the high mid roll off that I noticed was great for the harsh horns. I used another one for the room and it sounded incredible. I have used these a thousand times and never have I been dissatisfied in any way shape of form. Most people have never even hear of this mic. They have a real flat response but at about 3k they seem to roll off the harsh sounds no matter what the instrument is. If you use this for vocals it could work but I have not use it for lead vocals but I have used it in a backing vocal session a while back and it worked great. I used it to room mic some drums and it became my favorite microphone for live drums and for micing cymbals and tom toms. My engineer loves this mic and uses them at all times on guitar amps and acoustic guitar.


These microphones may not be as well known as other mics but they of the most realistic sounding clean mics you will ever own. I have a pair. We have used them for some time and quite often. Like I stated most people have never heard of this mic and don't know much about them but I was turned on to the mic by an old buddy and love the way it sounds. It has a warm flat tone that is very clean and very crisp and very very flat. Flat is what you want to use if possible.

What a find. (MK-219)

By ikeena, 10/05/2018
I use this for voice over, live performance and studio applications. I did not compare the MK-219 with other microphones. I found this with stand and cable at a Goodwill Store. I was surprised when I saw it. I saw the price and thought somebody was kidding or had set up a sting. The MK-219 will pick-up the slightest sound so if you want a clean recording, don't record in public. I have used it to mic a video set and direct to a video camera (via slr). Versatile, solid. Phantom power can be problematic. The best $45 I have ever spent.