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Omaha beach. - Reviews Switchcraft SC-226

What simplicity? What a pleasure to solder connections as basic and practical. Inside chromium is filed down the contact side for making the weld, the cable clamp is part of the chassis.
The design was a reference to a number of German and Chinese imitation, but the American quality still refers to the 2014 link fixed installation or pedalboard is perfect for a cable stretching the mobile Neutrik NP2 remains the reference.
The price is exorbitant and I address the wildest of us but it's so much class, I transferred all my Hiicon for replaced by Switchcraft.
So why pay more for worse than Neutrik plugs.
Because I would rather pay more for a 1966 Ford Mustang fast back rather than piss me off with a BMW X1. Neutrik and it's reliable but it is ugly.