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Side B - Remix Contest, €1000 First Prize!


We are Side B, we've been making music as a group for 10 years and are  just releasing 2 albums for distribution at over 500 stores.
We have made two live performances this year and we're booked on another two.

In this playlist are 10 tracks from our latest album.…x?playlistid=1277

We are now announcing a Remix/Cover/Reproduction competition with 3 cash prizes!

1st prize: €1000 (about $1400)
2nd prize: €500 (about $700)
3rd prize: €250 (about $350)

The competition is OPEN Genre and FREE Interpretation, so not just Electronic Dance Music.

To participate, listen to the tracks from the playlist and pick 3 of them that you want to compete with.

After you've chosen. Please send a mail to with:
- Which tracks you have chosen
- What genre you will be performing in
- Link(-s) to your most relevant songs/productions

Please do not send messages here, it's hard for us to handle!
If you have any questions or other messages, please send a mail to

Here are the Tracks one more time if you missed it at the top:…upposed_small.png

People have asked if this is a hoax.

I can assure you it's not, all I want... But my credibility as a (to you) anonymous person isn't worth much.


So, if you are interested, you apply :)


After messaging all 30+ people that have applied, only 6 have responded and I've given it 2 weeks...
So if I would proceed at this moment, that would mean 6 contestants left that I know read my e-mails.

At this point, I'm forced to reconsider the Ableton rule aswell as the BPM Rule. These have been the things people have had issues with. I would need to extend the deadline though, because I have to collect midi-files for all projects and manage more contestants.

Changes in rules are as follows
BPM: Any
DAW: Any

If anyone is interested in entering the competition with a different DAW than Ableton, send your message to
You will get an autoreponse with additional information!

Remember to say which 3 tracks you are competing with!…x?playlistid=1277

People are wondering about Licensing.
I haven't got the formal print down yet but here's how it works in layman terms.
I will not own right for any material except the 3 winning songs, which I will hold complete mechanical right for (omitting performance and non-commercial uses).
The following goes both ways.
In the event that either part would want to use the music for commercial purposes on any of the non winners, a deal would have to be made for that occurance individually. Generally from our part, if you want to use it mechanically (on your album, in a video whatever) we will not take any royalties, it would be licensed 100% to you in that case.
Naturally, a different deal would be met if a substantial amount of money would be expected to be involved, the proposed deal would be a 50/50 royalty split.

Revenues from performances are individual, no royalty split.

Please take notice.
In relation to this competition, I, and only I will have rights to upload a stream to
Also, in the future, if I would make a video for it, I could upload it to my

The other part will have automatic rights to upload the tracks to any non commercial site.
Same thing applies here, if it's meant to be uploaded on a commercial site, an individual deal would be met, where we lean towards giving 100% rights without royalty claims.

In the event that a part would want this printed on paper and signed, that may or may not be practially possible depending on the amount of contestants and the timeframe before applications end (May 17th).
Uploading Remix Packs + Ableton Projects right now.
If you're interested and want the same timeframe as the others, now is the time to apply! <= Ableton Live Users <=Non Ableton Users
I've now made it easier to register to the competition and at the same time accept the license agreemend.
The scoring system is also explained.

Register for the computition here: