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perfect 8ch line-to-ADAT conversion, both directions. (Alesis - AI-3)

By radiobomb, 03/02/2015
This is a fantastic unit, powerup and forget. Used mine for 15yrs, never had even 1 issue !... amazing. Good dynamic range on conversion, clear front panel indication of signal presence [green] and clip [red] LEDs. Rear panel has the jack i/o and the ADAT i/o. Simple 1u design, silent, does not heat up even when left on permanantly. Highly recomended. All i/o are available as mono i/o or stereo pairs, or a combo within the 8ch.
-10db or +4db operation front panel switch.

pilip's review (Behringer - Ultragain Digital ADA8200)

By pilip, 07/11/2014
8 preamp mic / line with adat conversion in both directions (A / D and D / A)
--- >>> See manufacturer website for detailed technical description.
comprehensive for the price anyway


Having owned the ADA8000 I make a brief comparison:
- Not notched knobs on this new version, which is an advantage here because the locking was not at all accurate on the old version
- Manufacturing slightly better, but the former was already very good for the price.
- The preamps !: then cracked it right in the choice of the resistance of the potentiometer: We have roughly 3/4 of the gain on the last quarter of the volume pot, so to calibrate accurately this is really not wise. And they talk about 60 db of gain but personally I do not know where they are! with a TLM102 (static 11mv / pa) I was thoroughly! The sound was not bad but the wind was present. Short obviously is STRICTLY UNBEATABLE with the Midas preamps that venice them gain to spare, the sound is fuller on venice with a detailed medium, with the ADA8200 the sound is hollow, and Forgive me the 'expressionist lack of corones. Compared to the ADA8000 there is less gain but a better sound all the same.

Despite all this I keep a very good impression because stability is always ADAT sync appointments, gift to add 8 line inputs to a sound card or a digital console it's still a great product at an unbeatable price!

It helps out ... (Behringer - Ultragain Digital ADA8200)

By Spawn-X, 30/10/2014
There is a microphone preamp eightfold converting all to the ADAT. It is also able to convert in the other direction via ADAT this time to 8 line outputs handy, for example, to manage multiple monitors or power a multi-preamp headsets.
Front, entries are entitled to duos XLR + Jack seems good. At the rear, it comes out XLR, which is a good thing, but is not necessarily very practical when mobile use recurring.
The rear panel also features the duo for Toslink ADAT I / O, as well as a very traditional BNC connector for sync word clock. A small 4-position switch accompanies this connector to choose how to sync.
Nothing very complicated in fact. It is of course also the EU connector for the power supply earth (and rather too much internal heat that is a good point).

Preamp, supposedly from the MIDAS series are correct, nothing more. But be careful not to push too because from the last third, it starts to blow badly.

However, I have nothing to reproach converters 24-bit Cirrus Logic AD / DA that do a very good job with my little RME BabyFace.


Used daily since July, I did not ask him a lot either. I doubt I actually draw definitive things about this machine, but for my current use mainly home-studio model, fully knowing that the fact that my goal for the purchase was to facilitate the simultaneous connection of all my gear at home while having the option of taking just my BabyFace when I go with the laptop, in which case I do not need all my gear staying at home.
Obviously I would have preferred that the preamps are completely silent, but at this price, do not ask the moon either. A cumbersome thing mentioned by another review, c'st strange Berho choice to opt for a green LED when the power supply is 48V off, and red when active. This is a destabilizing hair m ^ m if not prohibitive. Of course, at this price, you could not expect a separate 48V power supply for each entry, but here it is on or off for the 8 at a time ...

Thank you for the power button on / off the front, more convenient than the rear, m ^ m it would have been more practical to make STILL automatic thing by detecting a light on the arrival of toslink entry for example ... I quibble;) ...

Q / P ratio consistent with the range of € 200.
With a larger budget, it was necessarily better, but it necessarily spending more. ;)

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[MUSIKMESSE] SPL unveils Pro-Fi line

Published on 04/06/16
SPL is to introduce its new Professional Fidelity line, which claims to bring studio-quality sound to your living room.

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