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User Review

Azuma's review - LiquidSonics Reverberate

The program works without and problems on Windows XP, Windows Seven or MAC OS , so compatibility issues shouldn't be present.

The manual that comes along with the program is great , you get a decent understanding of the program itself and how you can tweak the reverb to achieve certain effects or room size.

he general configuration and setup is quite fast , it went very smooth and easy , and it took me just a couple of minutes to get it done.


The software works very good in this configuration , the program itself is very designed , made and done.

The gear and software are quite stable and in time of using this program , I hadn't had any problems with it.

I've been using Reverberate for some time now , it's been probably a couple of years.


What I like most about it is that this is a complex reverb , you have a lot , a lot of editing windows , a lot of presets to choose from , and also besides that , you can create your own vintage kind of reverb , you can edit the angles , the room size , the amount of the reverb , you practically get full control over the reverb.

I also do like that blue designed window , I like how straight forward and simple they kept it even if this is probably one of the most complex reverbs out there.

However there is something that I don't really like , that is the cpu usage , this consumes a lot of resources , this is probably the only down side of the program , apart from that , everything is very very good.

Precision and quality of the sound I would rate 10/10.

Knowing what I know, if I would have a powerful pc , then without any questions I would get this product and use it in a wide variety of mixes.