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User Review

Anonymous's review - Audio Ease Altiverb 5 Native

Especially in the month of AOT I n'achte tlchargeable what is, in this case, Altiverb is not bulky, for there are more cons than 600 MB of IR is rverbes say. But it tlchargeable chapeau.L and installation is long and pnible especially as the file is compressed in a format that OS does not know Tiger. I have an IR download any one. I ordered the CD rom by fedex, I reu 3 days APRS. The use is more than a simple quicktime movie explains the principle and operation.


Used on Mac OSX Tiger Protools HD2 (Core + accel) the rverbe takes a good memory Obviously, it is better to use it even under auxiliary HD. I bug regularly, working on Altiverb, protools inopinment leaves. It is better to save regularly. I think that is because of the passage Tiger, I think that should be solved soon.


EXTRAORDINARY. I tried Sony Oxford, Princeton, ReVibe and Eventide. It is incomparable, as long as one can be compared with other convolution rverbe. The idea is to capture the borrowing from one place to apply the mix. Cel musically captures the atmosphere of the major studios or big rooms, and use it as if there silent. It phnomnal, but I must say that so far does not replace a conventional rverbe. Let's say that one and the other compltent. As a general rule I use Altiverb in Auxiliary, resulting in a unit mix, the effect of making Live. But the voice or solo parts, I keep prfre Eventide for working dlais and depth. A visit to the site absolutely AudioEase for BMD. In addition there are rgulirement of updates to sounds that are worth dtour. This is one of my best purchases.