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User Review

Really Excellent! - Reviews Audio Ease Altiverb 6 Regular

Altiverb 6 Native (regular). the top!
AudioEase too!

I explain. I had version 5 on my G5. He dies, coolant leak on microprocessors ... I have to switch to Intel. I thought the Altiverb existed only for Power PC. Error! AudioEase offered me a free passage and Intel update from version 6! I just had to demnder giving the serial number. So the top! response within hours, the link, the answer to the license ... perfect! 10/10


And the app then?

Version 5 mind-blowing, but I think the 6 is still above. For the first time I have a reverb app that competition really my Lexicon (MPX 1), which has a density for short reverbs absolutely incredible. It also reminds me my old Eventide H3000 by adjusting the multiplicity of proposed ..
The presets are innumerable, almost 2G to download ... it takes time, but there is everything. No worries with AudioUnit and MAS DP7.


A setting that I love is taking a piano sound "dry" (or Kontakt Motu MSI) and its qualification by the Impulse Response shortcut Bosendorfer. It gives a dimension of realism to his bluffing.
You can have as many levels in a Mix: reverbs short, long, flat for a throw light, strange effects ... etc.
The app is stable, not too resource intensive, in short, you understand, I find this exciting product. You'll get your money!
In short, notes: 9 .... or 9.5, and most importantly, a team AudioEase is really charming and 'responsive'.
Mike R.