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Cort Action

Cort Action V-A

User reviews on Cort Action products

augylas's review (Cort - Action-A)

By augylas, 17/02/2008
-my cort action-a was made in Indonesia, i dont know is it good or bad place for guitars to be manufactured.
-24 frets, Power Sound P & Jazz pickups, bolt on construction.
-bridge EB7(4)
-it has 2volume, 2-band active EQ
-neck Maple, Modern "C" Shape


Neck is nice to feel, easy to slide through all length. it's also easy to access last frets. it has great design, it is not very heavy and has beautiful shape, also extremely comfortable to play. i think that its not hard to get a nice sound from it.


-it suits any style of music, metal, rock, jazz, anything.
i use Crate gt65 guitar amp. its suposed to be an electric guitar amp, but it has no dificulties coping with low, bassy sounds if i dont play too loud.
when playing i really like clean bass sounds, no distortion... amp is used only to control volume. cort 2vol, 2-band active EQ contols is all i need to modify sounds...


I own my cort action-a bass for about a month by now, first i had "jolana" one old bass made in Checoslovakia and i can say that Cort bass is much beter than jolana.
what i like about cort is that you get a nice, high quality instrument for a reasonable price. really worth the money you pay.

Cort Standard Action Bass (Cort - Action)

By MGR/Johnny O\'Funk, 23/06/2004
I got the cort bass since i was just starting out playing and I got it in a place called rock electronics in a nice little place called Dumbarton (SCOTLAND). the reason behind buy it was that cort comes from the same factory that builds Ibanez bass guitars so it should be good quality for money and it was, there was no real point buying top of the range bass when I am just learning on it and it could get damaged. I paid around £200.

I have been playing for around four years and yes you got it I still got and it is working damm good, in the 4 years it has needed no repairs or any thing done to it.It is strong too, with me it has been droped, slaped, bashed, even (i am serious when I say this[but that is a different story]) it has been burnt and shows no sign of damage. It is amazing want you'r little brother can do with a lighter and a links spray can.

It has a OK slap sound and the controls are a not that good(they don't show any sign of change in the volume)

it is well contructed the neck is rose wood at the fret side and pine wood at thhe back and the quality for money is brillant

is you are startin to play bass or want to mess around on a bass get this you will not regret it it was the same as Ibanez without the name

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joelatouf's review (Cort - Action)

By joelatouf, 09/05/2006
Channel screwed a nice micro precision and a micro Jazzbass pretty lame ...

two volumes, low passive Tone ...


The handle is very good, finally, I think ...

the low ergonomics is really good for that price ...

It can get really nice sound with this bass.


Well, the problem is that the jazz-bass not hold, but the precision is not bad .. then suddenly we can play very very rock and soul stuff ... means for more neutral stuff, jazz genre or even slap.

Even when I put 8 because for the price it's not bad


Well, I for 3 years, I like it always ...

a, is just one Dtail, buttons always finish it by themselves and there is no bar to tighten fisse, one is forced to tinker ...

My Tone longer works ... any Manire is used primarily as micro precision is 0 or tonality background.

I think for those who want to start low, it's absolutely need to take this low, whether you Mtal punk rock funk soul. (Not ptt for jazz)

The price quality ratio dfie concurence today even more than the new price really down for 1 year.

with the experience it is obvious that I will ever be the same choice.

I put 9 because it is THE low to take to start

A great bass for beginner! (Cort - Action)

By Lexa001, 04/06/2016
It was my first bass and I've still got it today. I must say that choosing this bass was really a no-brainer because it is great value for the money. The PJ pickup configuration is imho the best to begin with the bass as you get the punch of a Precision Bass and the honkyness of a Jazz Bass.

I gigged a lot with it plugged in good amps and I can say that I was not ashamed of its sound. The playability is great and having 24 frets is nice at this price.

Of course, do not expect to have a boutique instrument and very clear sounding pickups - they can sound quite muddy sometimes - but it is a very good sounding bass to start with. I often recommend it to people who want to learn how to play.

The only thing I find a bit deceiving is the knobs. They're not very precise and it can be a hassle to mix and match the different configuration you want - especially the tone knob. But a lot of bass players leave everything full on so it's not a problem for them.