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User reviews on Cort Action products

A great bass for beginner! (Cort - Action)

By Lexa001, 04/06/2016
It was my first bass and I've still got it today. I must say that choosing this bass was really a no-brainer because it is great value for the money. The PJ pickup configuration is imho the best to begin with the bass as you get the punch of a Precision Bass and the honkyness of a Jazz Bass.

I gigged a lot with it plugged in good amps and I can say that I was not ashamed of its sound. The playability is great and having 24 frets is nice at this price.

Of course, do not expect to have a boutique instrument and very clear sounding pickups - they can sound quite muddy sometimes - but it is a very good sounding bass to start with. I often recommend it to people who want to learn how to play.

The only thing I find a bit deceiving is the knobs. They're not very precise and it can be a hassle to mix and match the different configuration you want - especially the tone knob. But a lot of bass players leave everything full on so it's not a problem for them.

not bad (Cort - Action DLX)

By trash-o, 25/07/2013
Made in Indonesia I believe
Agathis body with flamed maple top (for that price, it's beautiful!)
Bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fingerboard 24 frets
2 pickups, 2-band active EQ, volume, balance
The finish is very good for this price range.


This bass is very comfortable! The neck is thin but not too much, the body is light and everything is well balanced.
Mechanical hold well tuning.
Access to the 9V battery is back without unscrewing anything.

The negative point is the wood used for the body: while it is light but suddenly the sustain is not monstrous, the instrument does not sound super vacuum (after we are not in the high end either). ..


Plugged in, the bass is rather versatile, it can be well-rounded as incisive sounds sounds, EQ works in boost as mitigation, the balance is effective. By the sounds of slap against are not top my goùt ...
I play metal fast enough and it does a very good job. I pass in the overdrive channel of a Jekyll & Hyde and in Guitarix via a Fast Track and I can get the sounds I need, cheating a bit (10-band EQ and compressor), I did not yet tested with an amp worthy of the name ...


I use this bass intensively since May 2013 and so far I'm not disappointed.
It will not be the instrument of a career but it is a great deal to start or second instrument.
I tried various Ibanez SR, SRX and GATK a Precision, I chose the Cort for comfort and I admit that the table made me crack!

The +:
variety of sounds,
Battery Access

The -:
Sustain (with a comp, you can catch it)
the slap

I am very satisfied, I think I would do this choice, but for the 5-String ...

good value for money (Cort - Action Junior)

By pierrerdl, 09/03/2013
Cort manufacturing, it's clean!


handle very nice, a humbucker one volume, one tone, neat finish


low small and very light for those who have back problems it will parfait.acces to acute hyper easy to handle small size.
do not expect miracles, but in this price range I find it far superior to what we can find in competing brands.
For my part, I immediately changed the tailpiece to a Schaller and microphone for an EMG 40 DC and the result is stunning supper. a timbre and dynamic super fine provided you have the sound (I mean in the fingers) because the instrument and the rest of the gear will not do everything.


trained guitarist, I play bass for many years, but the weight and length of the shaft caused me to vertebrates's problems I solved with this small model

I recommend, if you have a small budget and you can invest in the instrument thereafter, do not hesitate! you can get a similar result was much more expensive bass.

Unbeatable value for money! (Cort - Action VI-A)

By Rennfly, 08/10/2012
6-string bass, made by Cort in Indonesia.
This lower part of the Cort Action Series which happens to be the entry level.
The body is agathis, neck 24 frets is maple, rosewood fingerboard, micro Powersound, active 2-band EQ, chrome hardware.

From the first glance we notice that the bass of "dog."
The curves are refined, the paint is glossy and seems sturdy.
It is very light, especially for a six-string, which is not a bad thing.

However, its lightness is a double-edged sword because the head is heavier than the body looks low and it requires a little force to keep it straight.
However it is much less standing nuisance. But I still board for a ballast weight inside the cavity of the electronic bearing a little to this imbalance, in case follow!

Small thumbs up for adjustment. The bass arrived perfectly set me up with ropes in good condition.


Once in hand, as said above, low slumps. So we'll have a little time to adapt to do. However, the curves are very well studied and even after several hours no discomfort is felt.
For the rest of the handle has a fairly flat radius, it is very easy to play the bass as in the treble.
The pickups are very wide with a small notch (very significant) to squeeze the thumb. We play near the bridge or near the handle the various stunts that I have tried have all gone well.
I also was surprised by the slap game. And despite the addition of two strings, you can easily reach place his fingers.

Regarding the accuracy is relatively fair, I just had to refine some settings, but two or three shots screwdriver and it was done.

The bass sounds relatively empty, we have a good vibration feedback.
Finally, I would say that the violin is generally of good quality instrument for so cheap.
We must remember that we are talking about a 6-string bass, the entry-level models are much more expensive in the competition.


This is the bottom hurts. And yes, that price could not all be perfect.

Be careful though, the sound is far from mediocre. But in comparison to the quality of the violin is one notch below.

But, "chappotant" is still sometimes find her very correct. A sound that lacks character, but will not it be ridiculous to work at home or in rehearsal.

I have not yet had the opportunity to test it live, I will update my review when it's done.


I use it quite extensively for a week and I must conclude that I'm really satisfied with my purchase. Without exception be low, it is a perfect study tool for those who want to try the world of six strings without losing an arm (and yes, after it's harder to play bass !).

At the time I had a Yamaha RBX6JM, John Myung signature model. It was a beautiful bass with good microphones, but it had a defect that was not the little Cort, she weighed two tons, and the curves were, in the long run poorly (torso and legs).

To summarize:
+ Weight
Price +
+ The look
+ The overall quality of the violin

The imbalance-head
-Microphones that could be a bit better.

Finally, since I I'm hooked to it and it will not change.
Even if in the future I think changing the pickups and as said above find a weight for ballast to counteract the imbalance. But I am very satisfied with my purchase!

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