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Cort Artisan

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User reviews on Cort Artisan products

Cort Artisan C4 (Cort - C4)

By MGR/Tommy the Cat, 07/04/2004
This is my first bass but ive played an extansive range of other basses. I bought this bass for $900 australian dollars in 2002, from custom music albury. I didnt no anything about basses when i bought it, but it turns out that this bass is a little to good for a beginner.

I love my cort C4. I played a warwick thumb thru-neck 4 string at the bass centre in melbourne and i hated it. i thought my C4 was better. I love the feel of the bass and my colour is a wood walnut finish. The bass has 2 active mightymite soap-bar pickups on an active pre-amp. The bridge is a fortress bridge which is ment to increase sustain and create more of an acoustic vibe.

I dont like the bridge because it has some fuzzyness about it. I dont enjoy playing the D string on the bridge pickup because it is very tence and is hard to make a good sound. Other than that, its a great bass.

The bass was made in korea, and the contruction is outstanding. The fretboard is very usable and fast to play. Ive had it for 2 yrs and its holding up beautifully. 24 frets, rosewood fretboard, active electronics what more could you want?

I love this bass. I think its beta than the warwick thumbs. I feel more at home on my bass.
For $900 aussie dollars this is sexy, punchy bass.

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Cort Artisan A4 (Cort - A4)

By MGR/Richard Turner, 30/10/2004
I bought this bass from Regent Guitars, a UK online music retailer. I was looking to buy a Warwick bass but the manager at Regent suggested I try a Cort A4 locally before deciding, which I did. I paid £599 approx $1000 for it

The bass plays incredibly well. The build quality is excellent apart from some electronics problems. It has a wide range of active useable sounds, in sharp contrast to many active basses which have only one good sound. It is suitable for all styles of bass playing, including slapping.

The on/off push/pull active to passive swithching is incorporated in the volume control. This has failed twice within one year and is about to fail again. However, the new Corts being sold now have a separate switch for the active on/off switch, so don't be put off by this comment. I don't like how fiddly the bridge (a Fortress unit) is for setting intonation, but again a different bridge (EB12) is being used now.The new model is easily identifiable by having the switch, old stock just has 5 knobs.

Scale 34"
Thru-neck made of 5 piece African wenge/maple
Body is Figured maple
Nut is Brass now, but mine appears to be some kind of alloy
Fretboard is Rosewood
Pickup are 2 Bartolini MK-1's
Machine heads are now Hipshot Lic., mine are Schallers
Bridge is now an EB12(4), mine is a Fortress
Frets are large (2.7mm x 1.1mm. 24 frets with Abalone dot position inlays

1vol,1pickup blend,3to(treble/middle/bass)
EQ on-off switch ( models)

Preamp is Bartolini MK1 EQ
Construction is perfect, low action, no fret buzz, superb finish.

I love this Bass! I've been playing for 40 years now, and i've had all the famouis makes, Fender P and J basses, Rickenbacker, Jaydee, Gretch, Music Man, but this is superb. To give you an idea I have my Music Man on the rack as my back up bas now. I haven't played it at a gig since I got the Cort.The problems I outlined look as thought they've been addressed on the new model, so go buy one!

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Cort Artisan A4 (Cort - A4)

By MGR/Throbb., 10/11/2007
I have been playing blues, punk and funk for 20 odd years. I retired from paid work 5 years ago after having a kid but still love to play.

I played it a dozen times in the music shop and basically fell in love. It felt and sounded better than the Fenders and Spectors in there that cost twice as much.It even out-performed the Cort Masterpiece which is the Rolls Royce of the Artisan series.

Great tones, flexibility, playability. Extremely quiet pups, stunning looks. Endless sustain, fast neck, excellent craftmanship. Low action with no fretbuzz, perfect intonation, very fast neck.

It is easy to get an array of bright, modern, punchy tones out of this bass, but more retro boofy tones are harder to achieve.After replacing the strings with Ultra-Lights, I had to adjust the truss rod, action and intonation, no big deal.

Brilliant! The guys at Cort have put a lot of care into the Artisan series, those Koreans can make superb bass guitars!

Well, I was looking at basses that cost a lot more than this, but I kept coming back to it because it feels SO good and sounds great and looks stunning.

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One of the best 5 string active basses (Cort - C5)

By Mike Bass, 03/05/2017
+ I 'm still using this till today.(15+ years after) it's working perfectly.lovely the sound, high quality production. One of the best 5 string active basses that i ever played. Very low price for this quality.:bravo:

- the mighty mite pickups are ok for beginners but if you want something else better you can change them. ;)