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Cort CJ

Cort CJCE Custom

User reviews on Cort CJ products

Lancedelot's review (Cort - CJ7X)

By Lancedelot, 30/11/2007
Made In Corea:

This guitar has 24 frets and is equipped with a micro Fishman (work in equation (3), the noise, the brightness and frequency)


it's been four years since she got in concert. I used both on a group song and Pop / Folk and Rock formation on a second - never EVER do it disappointed me!


This scratching at an exceptional shine (both acoustic qu'amplifiée) touches is light and pleasant.


It can easily play any style of music.

This instrument deserves the greatest attention.

I will never part with it! - Hard to beat at this price it's clear: I tried.

sdehais's review (Cort - CJCE Custom)

By sdehais, 11/01/2007
Guitar bought eight days ago, so it's an opinion, but hot on its use as an opinion rflchi purchase because I had to do more than 10 stores before I find in a real Seller guitar (a luthier ...)

This guitar is one of the "Custom Shop" Cort. It's "hand made". This guitar is made in Korea by .... coren course but driven by ingnieurs Amricains. What I mean is that we find the knowledge of the socity amricain Cort ...

This guitar is solid wood Fully!

For technical dtails: # ( )
Namely, the trs lctronique is good quality there are 2 microphones on the guitar:
a piezo under the bridge (the classic micro).
a condenser microphone placed in the electronic ct.

A button for mixing two micro to find an optimum rglage the desired sound.
otherwise, there is a 3-band equa medium for the SETTING THE frequencies and the anti-feedback. And a phase inverter, it also Reduces feedback when your sound ...

No tuner will integrate .... it is the only BMOL ... that's why only takes 9 ...
the dtail here:


The games on the handle is enjoyable trs. It is faster to handle trs. CHAC is to ease acute by the fact that the box is cut. This is a solid wood guitar, so it has some weight but in view of its volume is comprhensible. I will say again that APRS a concert ...

In terms of sound, it is rich in harmonic trs, with hints of game enjoyable work. His great body gives normment sound power trs is enjoyable when you want to play with nuance. The sound is balanced and warm!

I put 10 in 1150 as a tui hard, I think we should at least double the price for Takamine in something that sounds as good ...


For my style: it is gnial! I did the picking (well I try to make the fawn Marcel DADI ...), I made the Pop, The variety of Blues, Rock ... Cool!

I play on an amp electric scraper (Peavey Delta Blues) connected to a speaker 412 in Mount Orange V30. Trs trs It sounds good. I also tried directly on a console, the one is near perfect ...

SETTING THE The mixing between the two microphones is interesting but it becomes clear quickly that trs to be that one or the other, is not satisfactory. Trs but quickly found a mix of 75% and 25% piezo pickup condenser microphone are sound and enjoyable prcis equilibrated trs.


Well I for 8 days, so of course it is a hot opinion. However, before buying it, I made the Parisian stores, the rue de Douai Pigalle and so on ... (It's a word game "goes on" for the Rue de Douai ...)
All these stores have one thing in common: the model and the price he offers in this range l! TAKAMINE, TAKAMINE TAKAMINE and again. With a "super" prampli lamp in the guitar, and yes just a. .. Ba it must have to make their guitar sound ... And yet the sound is amplified by the lamp trs color and we will get tired of so-called warm sound ...

In short, I say that both sellers and buyers: There are not that Takamine in life, there are Martin, Taylor ago, there Cort Custom Shop. I would say the same takamine I tried everything in the store (model tan10) sounds worse, acousitquement speaking, a Yamaha 40% less!!

Fortunately I know a luthier who can not be play some commercial brands to sell a product o achte one brand and not a guitar ...

His name DAMICO his site:
I t home several times, they have real musical instruments! And what matters most is not there any screams on the guitar but the sound! And they have understood the bottom. They are more friendly trs, rpondent all your questions and know all about the instruments they sell (original electronics, the default of the instrument also !...)

Do I do it again the same choice if I had to do it again. I will say yes of course. But knowing that I did not back ... If I have news pertinant later After a few months of use, I complterai my remarks ...

Remember: Report qualitprix: unbeatable!

I will give ending for info via pictures taken and some sound ...

Curly Maple (Cort - CJ7X)

By Jack Shnor, 13/06/2012
manufactured, I know not where, and I f ... all-wood tree (which grows in the woods), my copy bears no resemblance to the one that illustrates the topic as it is in Maple (Maple) ounded, see the most beautiful dappled effect.
the preamp is a Fishman "prefix plus" it's no tuner, but frankly it fail, it is better to have a good tuner as an accessory rather than a bad integration.


I spend the electric guitar this without any problems, and the reverse is also easy. with cutaway, access to acute is easy, but it did not interest on an acoustic guitar, or, in experimental music ...?
it is easy to learn, and this is one of his strong point, for sure.


I find that it is not typed, cella allows to consider many style but want to be versatile too, at the same time, it loses the character. I like but for the purists of any style ...!
in sounds, I place near the Morning has nearly mile euro, and I preferred a full range Takamine.
the weakness of this guitar is the more knobs the prefix, which we tend to collect dust.


since 2002, not that I play acoustic, plus it is not the guitar that I take directly, but I sometimes spent hours there for registered because I have the feeling that can always get better ... she hides much greater capacity ...
this is a very endearing guitar, a companion for many years and maybe more ...
it is of course above all acoustic guitars I have ever known, and if yours has the price ... is stronger than ... HULK?
she has become indispensable.

A 3 x Taylor but cheaper ... (Cort - CJ Custom)

By ilcocodrillo, 28/08/2014
Feature, see the sites that go, for short copy of the Taylor 814CE ... oh my!


Easily comparable with the aroused Taylor. The instrument is perfectly balanced. It should also mention the relative small size of the body, which make it easy to grab the guitar and an instrument that is played mania and easily obtained.

The action is set very low, so that the instrument out of his crate, plays easily. The neck width is similar to an electric guitar so that electric guitarists will pass easily to it. In thickness, the sleeve is a serious customer profile with a C-shaped


What can I say ... I hope you find one OCCAZ one day so you can see that all I am going to write is right. Acoustic: Extent, roundness, balance, once connected, two microphones and a conventional piezo acoustic in the box and visible to the hearing. you can mix the two via a knob on the preamp + setting contours brightness and tone of course ... Well, it sounds as even plugged into an amp not really planned for the base. It's just the best acoustic guitar I've had so far and therefore if you buy a one day it will not be mine, I keep it for life cella there!


This instrument is a beauty all for one divided by three for Taylor Marked equivalent budget. All the Custom Shop series is a very neat line and include models that are truly worth. I do not hesitate to take my Cort Custom Shop without blushing for acoustic gigs or Scene.

WEAKNESSES: 2 weaknesses, acoustic microphone (in addition to the piezo) is sensitive to feedback and trigger guard are a little weird (holes attorneys in the upper part) which I think the fragisilent. At the moment I have not yet broken one but I confess a little anxiety when I replace the strings.