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Cort CL

Cort CL1500

User reviews on Cort CL products

julamarre0's review (Cort - CL200)

By julamarre0, 12/06/2007
The guitar was made in indonesia (now the production is stopped, it has 22 frets medium, two double-coil passive looks "zebra" driven by a 3-position switch, a bridge-like tune-o-matic without stop- bar, poto volume, one tone. the handle is in two parts (head-neck connection) and is screwed to the body. it is not super pretty, but at the same time, it is not the extravagant Nothing shocking, just bathed, and the finish reveals fine veins in the wood.


The neck is quite thin, very nice, I think, both for the rhythm if you feel the urge to chain the sweep, the tapping and all the rest). If the access to acute, I find it super Choupi,: \ but there's still much worse. say that by keeping the hand "right", it goes to the 19th box and it takes a little twisting to get the 22nd. other than that, the shape is pretty close to a Les Paul shape, but the CL200 is much lighter, well balanced, very comfortable to play standing up, it's really not a bad back and that's a really good point! adjustable speed of sound is preferred by the small number of potentiometers that do not really with the versatility of this guitar is pretty amazing to watch that.


Instead, I play metal and this guitar makes me happy, really. a year ago, I changed the original pickups for seymour duncan put: one in 59 serious and one in acute JB. it really changed at all levels especially in its relation to the micro serious: the first time I played, I thought I heard a les paul: \. I am not a fan sounds bold, but playing on the pitch, it casts a wide net, and although my style is metal, it may well play rock, jazz, blues etc ... sounds very good, I find


I use this guitar for 4 years, 1 year with the new pickups, this is my first electric and I really do not part with it. I own an ESP MII, which cost me € 2000, great guitar, too, but I always more fun and express myself better with my Cort. I love its simplicity, versatility, ergonomics. all the models I tested equivalent prices in store, it always seemed to me supèieure. I like her look a little less, but I think changing the color and the hardware one day so the concern is resolved. I find the price / quality ratio copy, but we can not repeat this choice since it is produced XD.

Cort CL 1000 (Cort - CL1000)

By MGR/David, 02/12/2003
I bought this at a local shop for around $550

This guitar is rediculously versatile. The pickups are fitted with a coil tap, so pulling off acoustic sim alongside hard rock isn't any problem with it.

I think I might like a different set of pickups than what it comes with, but there isn't anything wrong with them. They just seem to be made more for gentle styles of music, like blues or jazz, whereas my personal style is getting a bit more heavy.

The guitar came set up well, I've never had any problem with that. The neck is thinner than most, or at the very least it feels very playable. I would compare it roughly to a Taylor for how the neck feels, keeping in mind it's not an acoustic.

The neck is a bit wide for my liking, but that's not any problem with the guitar as it seems to be made more for solo work.

One problem that helped get the line discontinued was that this guitar was manufactured with loose bushings. If you buy one of these you might have to secure them with epoxy or something similar.

I've also had problems with the coil tap sticking, but I haven't been able to figure that one out yet.

One last problem is the finish is a bit delicate. You do not want to drop this guitar or have anything bang into it or let anyone you don't trust with your only daughter's life touch it. It tends to chip easily.

As I've mentioned, it wasn't manufactured perfectly. As far as the design goes (flame maple top over mahogany body, set neck same wood) it's great, but it wasn't built quite as tight as you would expect.

Once you get the problems fixed it's a gem, but you gotta make sure you get it done.

I've used this for a couple years now and I've never regretted buying it. As of the time I bought it I don't think there's a better choice I could have made.

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Cort Cl 1500 (Cort - CL1500)

By MGR/Scotty G, 10/01/2004
I bought this guitar used, but in near mint condition for 330. I'm perfectly satisfied with it. I was looking for a great guitar, not so main stream, that absolutly kicks ass, and I am totally satisfied with the Cl 1500.

Starting with the obvious....This guitar is BEAUTIFUL! Deep red body, gold pickups, and the "tree of life" inlay on the fret board makes this guitar attract eyes. Aside from its cosmetics, it is very versatile for having humbuckers. You can go from deep and dark to a more sharp sound. Use coil tap to give you sounds similar to the single coil pickups.
This guitar is also very playable. The action is wicked low, but the strings dont buzz out. The guitar will sustain for days (even without effects). Really thin neck, I personally love its feel.
I definatly reccomend this guitar.

Not much.
It may just be mine but the input plug always comes loose. The screw for the neck strap also comes loose too. (again,probably just my guitar)
This guitar is wicked heavy for being a semi hollow body.
Neck always wants to point down so just watch out on stage.

IT IS SEMI HOLLOW! Be careful!
Other than that, its great, it seems sturdy enough for mild abuse but I definatly wouldn't drop it. Has a nice protective clear coat that makes cleaning a breeze and protects from scratches.

Great guitar, Great price. If you're even thinking about getting this guitar, I'd reccomend it.

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Cort CL 1000 (Cort - CL1000)

By MGR/cam, 25/01/2004
i bought this guitar at a local shop brand new for $350.

this guitar has great sound. it has a great neck for soloing, and the pickups really catch peoples eyes. the coil tap works great. its like having 2 guitars in one. i have played almost every style of music on this guitar, and it always seems to sound right. this guitar stays in tune pretty nicely too. the finish on the guitar is very good looking. the thickness of the guitar is perfect in my opinion. it's not at all like a fender where your arm and chest are extremely close together.

there is not much to say about what i don't like about this guitar. well, the strap buttons arent the best, and i would like to recommend that you get strap locks. their really is nothing else besides that that even has to be mentioned.

this guitar is built pretty well. i had a little problem with how the pickguard was raised, so i took out the little black spacer thing under the pickguard. the guy i bought this guitar from said that the neck on this guitar is extremely fragile (i havent had any problems at all with it). this guitar is built great in my opinion.

this guitar is a great overall guitar, so if your thinking about buying one, i would go do it right now.

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