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Cort Classic Rock

Cort CR280

User reviews on Cort Classic Rock products

Very good price / quality ratio (Cort - CR250)

By Evilmarmotte, 05/01/2012
It's a Les Paul type guitar Korea, it is equipped with micro-Rocker Classic II, mechanical vintage Tonepros an easel.
The body is mahogany, the table in maple and mahogany set neck also.


This guitar is a very reasonable weight for a Les Paul shape it a little lighter than the Gibson instruments. The interface is very traditional, no surprises at this level, good access to acute (necessarily). The placement of knobs and also very classic and very suitable.


When empty, the guitar delivers a net sound very pleasant, we feel that the set neck allows vibrations to venture into the body and it's really a treat to "feel" the riffs.
Connected, the instrument shows a hell of a potato, typed vintage microphones are effective and deliver a warm sound suitable for blues, rock and the hard.


It is an instrument very respectable compared to the competition (and much better finish qu'epiphone for example). What I like about these instruments, is respect for the original spirit, everything is consistent and was not feeling this guitar a little bastard as is often the case with Les Paul copies. Of all good!

LES PAUL good cost (Cort - CR250)

By david1973, 23/06/2013
Made in Korea, body and neck 22 frets Mahogany, flamed maple top, cream binding all around the body and neck, bridge st stop bar chrome classic, vintage mechanical, 3-position toggle switch, two humbuckers house CLASSIC ROCKER II two volumes and two tones, a classic config for LES PAUL.

the guitar is not great set of original, I had to revise the general action by lowering the bridge, nothing insurmountable. original, it has strings D'Addario good, that's good!

violin level, it is not far from flawless, the picture is a bit spoiled because of these recalcitrant lifts that do not take the tuning when supported bends ...

I put the link from the site:


the neck profile is C, not too wide or too narrow, it is nickel for my big paws, but deserves to be a little faster. 22 Jumbo frets well put a key in dark rosewood, rectangular marks key Perloid. Note the original nut is very bonen quality (a Nubone it seems to me, it changes all the guitars fitted with plastic ...)

ergonomics is a classic LESPAUL, the last boxes are hard to find but it is the form that does it ...

The resulting sound is very good, alnico II pickups respond well to the game, the knobs are progressive and effective (after opening the hood, I discovered that there were condos welded at volumes as the model original!)

the sound is warm on the neck pickup, the bass are present, the singing midrange and treble little present. the bridge pickup is aptly named, it is sharp and incisive, but again it responds well to pick stroke volume and helps to discipline. the intermediate position gives the classic sound out of phase, nothing special to say, I use quite a few ..


I used to play with a little bit of everything, basically I wanted to put myself in blues / rock, and eventually it's going very well for metal too. the sound is pretty typical vintage because (or thanks??) microphones, but the sound is still very good, very warm and fat.

However, I prefer the sound of alnico V pickups that I find hotter, now, but those already there original sound great, no need to upgrade ....


I for 1 year now, this is my first model of this type, before I only played on superstrate.

the violin is really good, the guitar sounds good vacuum, and connected it is a treat!! even mail has been special care change!! the only fault is the infamous mechanical CORT, a crime on such a skyscraper!

the price / quality ratio is very good, compared to much more expensive and not necessarily better EPIPHONE from what I've read here and there ...

Mechanical Problem (Cort - CR200)

By EvilOona, 25/02/2014
Cort CR200 - Gold Top


correct requires adjustment in the luthier




Purchased new guitar a big trouble with the heads of mechanical vibrating! Change these settings in the luthier + equal a shot of € 100 extra to predict. 45 setting if no problem with heads.

An honest copy of LP (Cort - CR280)

By Lohik, 16/04/2014
22 fret set neck, mahogany body with flamed maple massive table. Tonepro easel, graphtec nut. The specs are pretty friendly.


The interface is identical to a Gibson LP so no miracle => weighs well its 4kg, access to acute is not the best and the guitar is not very well balanced.

on the other hand you can easily find the sound, fat and severe drooling on the handle and sharp and defined on the easel with an intermediate position that sounds ... intermediary.

Not the strong point of the LP


I did not like the pickups provided .. But I'm picky! The handle was too dull and mushy, not quite slamming the bridge, to me it sounded not.

I brought a pair of Gibson Classic 57 and ... Whouaaa! The violin is good enough for very well to sing these pickups. It smells good blues!

I put only 6/10, the violin is nice but the pickups basic pfff ....


I've had six months, I tried Gibson much much more (too) expensive before selecting.

My handle is perfect and allows low action. The acastillage is very good agreement also fits perfectly and sounds beautifully empty.

I did not like the pickups but it's changing. ;-) For the rest, it is very nice especially for the price.

News Cort Classic Rock

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Les Paul shape fans can discover at Cort’s the new CR230 electric guitar, which was introduced at NAMM 2014.